The meaning of Half Moon whitish area on your nails!

Our fingernails are more than just a bunch of dead cells. They speak tons about our body’s health. They act as an indicator of various diseases which may prove to be deadly if ignored!

But don’t you worry because if you notice what your nails are trying to indicate you, and take precautions, you’ll be in the safe spot.

Some people have a crescent-shaped whitish area in the bed of their fingernail. This is a highly sensitive area, and you should make sure that it doesn’t get damaged.

Take care of the whitish half moon as it is highly sensitive!
This whitish area is called ‘LUNULA’ which is the Latin for SMALL MOON.
If lunula gets damaged, the entire nail gets deformed because it is a part of nail’s root.

If any other part of the nail gets damaged, it will not harm the entire nail, but if lunula gets hurt, your nail is gone forever!

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Lunula can be seen clearly on the thumbs and might be faintly visible due to eponychium which is the thick layer of skin surrounding fingernails and toenails that cover the lunula.

Lunula is an indicator of health conditions!

Lunula indicates good or bad health conditions of a person. Lack of lunula indicates anemia and malnutrition. Lunula turns pale or bluish when you have diabetes.

Red Lunula is an indicator of Cardiovascular Diseases.
Also, half-moon nail art is in vogue now!!

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