Gorgeous Bridal hairstyle tutorial

Who doesn’t l love those pretty bridal hairstyles?? Bridal buns have a beautiful, voluminous, soft romantic look. They look so complicated from the outside that whenever we see them, our first idea is that only expert hairstylists can achieve that kind of look. But, this is totally incorrect! Here we’ll teach you a super easy way to create such gorgeous hairstyle within few minutes. It’s actually very simple and not at all as complicated as it looks.This hairstyle is an amazing hairstyle for hair of all hair lengths. You can easily carry it to a party too. I love this entire look. Now, have a look at this step by step tutorial.



First, you need to comb your hair well and then backcomb the inner side of the front section, and again, take a section from the front and backcomb that section to get volume. Your hair will not look flat after you do this.


Now, lightly brush the upper hair and create a normal ponytail only with the upper section and secure it with an elastic band.

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Now, make another ponytail just below the 1st one by taking two sections from both the sides.


After that, again tie a ponytail with the rest of your hair. Increase the number of ponytails as per the volume of your hair.


Divide the 1st ponytail into two sections and then twist the sections together to create a rope braid. Repeat this process with all other braids and tug the edges to give more volume to it.


Now, wrap the rope braid from the top of your head on the back in a zigzag way. First, move it to the left and secure it with bobby pins and move it to the right and secure it again.This will provide a zig-zag look. Do this until you reach the end. Make sure to not overlap the braid and secure the braid carefully so that it stays in place for a long time.


Repeat the same process with the 2nd ponytail and wrap it just under the first section. Secure it with bobby pins at the back.

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Repeat with the 3rd ponytail as well and once you are done with all the three of them, put some extra bobby pins to secure them tightly. After you’re done,  pull the edges to make it look fuller and softer. In this way, you will obtain a voluminous romantic bun.


Secure your entire look with hairspray. Tug some hair on the front for a natural finish.


Now, if you are creating this look for a party, then keep it simple. It will go with all your outfits and will look elegant. But, if you are the bride or want to make it look more beautiful, then add some pearl pins to it. After adding the pearls, it will become the perfect wedding hairstyle.

So, here is the complete look. As you can see in the picture, she has thin hair, but this hairstyle made her hair look voluminous and fuller. Both the normal and accessorized looks are equally elegant, you just need to pair it correctly with your occasion and of course, your outfit. This hairstyle is super easy and perfect for beginners.

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