Gorgeous and easy hairstyles for every occasion.

Hello ladies!

Today we’ve brought some of the easiest and jaw-droppingly gorgeous hairstyles which you can try on different occasions. If you’re fond of wearing evening gowns in particular, then these are a must try for you! Check them out.


Dutch side braid

Cross three sections of hair under each other instead of over each other to obtain the Dutch side braid, also known as inverted french braid. This hairstyle may seem to be a bit difficult, but it is in fact extremely easy once you practice a few times. You are free to experiment with cute hair accessories.

Crown style tiara

This hairstyle will look beautiful particularly on thick and wavy hair. It is pretty easy as you can make out from the steps given in the picture above. Go on and try this yourself.

Braided crown and a ponytail

Make a french braid in tiara style halfway across your head and then tie a ponytail. Sounds easy, isn’t it? If your hair is a bit frizzy, straighten them for a smooth finish.

The gorgeous 4-strand Braid tutorial.

Sleek pony

This hairstyle is literally effortless. It is best suited for formal occasions like an office party or a formal gathering. All you need to do is flat iron your hair and tie them into a high ponytail. Use hairspray to make your pony stay in place. Don’t forget to wrap a small section of hair around the elastic band so that it doesn’t show up, making your look more posh.

High pony with a pouf

If you want to make your hair look voluminous, then this is the hairstyle that you should choose. This hairstyle gives a new life to dull and flat hair. Start by teasing and backcombing your hair with a small teasing comb. Be gentle while doing this. After that, Make a high pouf and then secure the rest of your hair in a high ponytail to finish your look.

Mermaid Braid

Though braids are very difficult to attain, this one’s an exception, for the fact that it is easily attainable. The mermaid braid is not only different but also very charming. It will make heads turn towards you if you make it perfectly.

Useful tips to enhance your ponytail.

Victorian side bun

This one’s for the girls who don’t have long hair but still want to sport a bun that will look graceful and pretty. Opt for a side bun which will look graceful. You can also add in little flowers and statement clips.

Thick fishtail braid

The fishtail braid is a boon for girls with long hair. It is easy to carry and makes your hair stay in place the entire day. It is suitable for any and every occasion making it the first choice of girls. Fashionistas like Sonam Kapoor have made this hairstyle even more charming by pairing it with statement jhumkas.

Messy Bun

This one’s a savior for girls who are too lazy to wash their hair but still want them to look presentable. It is perfect for every occasion be it going to college or an evening party. Celebrities have always set an example of sporting a messy bun on different occasions. It will provide just the right amount of rustiness to your look and at the same time will maintain your chick and delicate side.

Shine Bright Like A Diamond With Rainbow Hair!

Bow hairstyle

This one is a bit difficult and might need you to take help from a professional. If done rightly, this hairstyle will look very neat and cute. This will work well with both an updo and a ponytail.



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