Golden Smokey Eye Makeup Tutorial

Golden smokey eyes makeup-Eyes are the most beautiful part of the entire human body. And, you can make them look even more beautiful with the golden smokey eye makeup tutorial. So, all you need to do is to follow the simple steps. 

Golden Smokey Eye Makeup Tutorial

Golden Smokey Eye Makeup Tutorial

 Step 1.

Take your favourite eyeshadow primer and apply white NYX eyeshadow base over your eyelid. 

Step 2.

Just above it, apply a light brown eye shadow and blend it properly. 

Step 3.

Take a darker brown shade and apply it at the corner of the eye covering 1/3rd of the outer eye and the cease. Now, blend the shades properly. 

Step 4.

Now, make a V using s cease brush with a matte black eye shadow and mix it with the brown on the 1/3rd of the outer eye with a blending brush. 

Step 5.

Take a golden eye-shadow and apply it to the 2/3rd of the inside eye. Remember to blend it properly with the black and brown. 

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Step 6.

Apply a highlight colour on the brow bone and the inner corner of the eye and mix it well. 

Step 7.

Next step is to give a final touch to the makeup by applying eyeliner and give it a wing to make your eyes look more beautiful. 

Step 8.

To give your eyes an Arabic look, extend the wing to the inner corner of the eye to make it look slimmer. 

Step 9.

Apply mascara and curl your eyelashes. 

Step  10.

To complete the look, apply the concealer below your eyes and on the cheekbones to hide away the flaws.


You can enhance your looks by using fake eyelashes.

All the shades are Matte.

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