Get to Know How to Use These 6 Different Types of Curling irons

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There are a ton of new hair tools in the market and of course, there’s so much to learn everything about them. So here’s a list to make sure that you know what’s out there. Curling irons are a new trend these days and there are so many different kinds of curling irons. The curling iron rods are available in a variety of kinds, ranging from clipless to with clips and then there is bubble wand, every choice which is very confusing to note. They’re all suited for beachy waves and thick hair, surf through to find out more about it.


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1. Curling Wand with Clip:

A curling iron that comes with a clip is one of the tools which can help to give you strong looking curls. If you want to rock a hairstyle, then this is the iron you should choose. As you start curling from the end, this iron fails to curl at the roots. You would need some time to get used to using this machine but once you get the drift then you will definitely excel at making complicated but amazing hairstyles.


2. Clipless Wands:

This curling iron has no clips attached to it, which makes it easy and handy to use on your hair. Clipless wands help you to achieve beachy waves which depend on the size of the rod attached along to it, giving you a natural looking hair, making you stand out from the crowd. To get that natural look, it is recommended for you to move the curler in a downward direction.


3. Marcel Wand:

This is a curling iron which is mostly used by experts, it comes attached without a spring. Marcel Wand often require professional handling and so, using it at home can be really hard. It can help you achieve some versatile looks, as it gives you definite looking curls and waves, giving you a complicated twist. Marcel Wand is always there to fix fish hooks and creases in your hair, it is a professional tool which has a solution to such problems.



4. Bubble Wand:

This is a tool which can be used by beginners easily to get beachy waves. Bubble Wand comes with a textured rod, giving you a template in terms of placement and hence, it gives you perfect waves by adding some bulk and volume to your hair. It is really simple to get a drift of using the bubble wand, you just need some practice to get good at working it.


5. Spiral Curling Iron:

Spiral Iron is perfect for you if you want a Retroz Hollywood hairstyle. It comes equipped with a cylinder-like shape, which creates amazing S pattern hairstyle without any worries. It helps to give your hair a mesmerizing and vintage look, by creating small curls on desired areas. Spiral Iron can be categorized as a low medium styling tool with comparatively less coverage.


6. Double-Barrel Curling Iron:

Double-Barrel Iron helps you to get soft and sexy curls, it helps by adding some depth and drama to your hair which is perfect for many occasions. But this tool needs shoulder length hair for you to work with, use this amazing tool to get perfect results.


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