Get rid of arm fat with the help of these easy exercises.

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You might be all lean and fit, but that little arm fat ends up ruining your look completely. Arm fat is the result of excess fat accumulation in your arm region. When your metabolism is not fast enough to burn what you eat, it takes the form of fat which gets accumulated in various parts of your body, for example, your arms, belly hips etc. Unlike other body parts, you will need to put in a lot more effort in burning your arm fat.

So, patience is the key here. Make sure to do the following exercises on a regular basis to get thin and toned arms.


#1 Scissors

One of the very basic exercises to lose arm fat.

The correct way to do it:

  • First of all, stand straight on the ground. Bring your hands in front, lift them up to the height of your shoulder.
  • Make sure your palms are facing the ground.
  • Then, move your hands to the side and stretch them as much as possible.
  • Bring them back to the original position and after that, cross them on each other to form a scissors-like shape.
  • Repeat this 20 times a day.
  • This will work wonders in reducing the arm fat.

#2 Push-ups

You all might be aware of how to do push-ups. We will teach you the correct way. Push-ups will not only help you to reduce the accumulated arm fat but also to tone your muscles.

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The correct way to do it:

  • Lie down on the ground, keep your spine straight.
  • Make sure that your stomach is facing the ground.
  • Your feet should be placed together while your hands should be slightly wider than the width of your shoulder.
  • Lift your body up, placing all the weight of your body on your hands.
  • Lift it up to the stage where your elbows are straight.
  • Make sure to keep your spine in a straight line.
  • Slowly, bend your elbows to bring your body close to the ground. Again, keep your spine straight. And be cautious not to touch your stomach to the ground.
  • Repeat this several times.
  • For best results, repeat 30 times a day.

#3 Arm Circles

Arm circles are one of the most straightforward arm exercises that you can do. It will help you to burn a great deal of arm fat.

The correct way to do it:

  • Stand straight on the ground and make sure that your feet are at a considerable distance from each other.
  • Lift your arms up and bring them to the side, in line with your shoulder.
  • Then, rotate your hands in a circular motion in the front. Repeat this 50 times.
  • After you are done, start rotating them in the backwards direction. Repeat this 50 times.
  • As you practice, slowly increase the number of rotations.
  • This exercise will help you reduce arm fat easily.

#4 Chair Dips

Like push-ups, chair dips will also help you to lose arm fat and tone your muscle at the same time.

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The correct way to do it:

  • Take a chair and place it in a steady position so that it doesn’t move while you do the exercise.
  • Stand at a considerable amount of distance from the chair with your back facing the chair.
  • Bring your hands back to place them on the chair, make sure to keep them at the distance of the width of your shoulder.
  • Make sure that your spine is straight. Bend your knees to the extent of the height of the chair.
  • Try to put the entire weight of your body on your arms.
  • Now, bend your elbows and bring your body down.
  • But, don’t touch the ground.
  • Lift yourself back up to reach your original position.
  • Repeat this 50 times a day and see your arm fat magically fading away.

#5 Weight Lift

For this exercise, you obviously require equipment that is weighted. If you have weights, you can easily practice this exercise at home.

The correct way to do it:

  • Take the weights that you have at your home.
  • Sit in a comfortable position, with your back straight.
  • Take one weight in each of your hands.
  • Lift the weights and bring them above your head. While you d this, make sure to keep your elbows straight, if you can.
  • Bring them down to the normal position from where you started.
  • Again, lift the weights up.
  • Repeat this at least 50 times and make sure to increase your pace as you proceed with it.
  • You will see that your arms will become toned if you repeat this sincerely.
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#6 Triceps Extension

Again, one of the exercises to reduce arm fat.

The correct way to do it:

  • Sit comfortably on a chair with your back straight.
  • Take the weights in each of your hands and lift them above your head.
  • After that, bend your elbow to bring the weights behind your head.
  • Repeat this 50 times a day.

#7 Skipping

One of the best ways to reduce arm fat.

The correct way to do it:

  • Take a rope and hold it through the ends in each of your hands.
  • Start skipping as usual.
  • Try to make big circles with your arms and try to stretch them as much as possible.
  • Repeat this for at least 5 minutes.
  • Increase the pace of the skipping as you practice daily.

#8 Counter Push-ups

The only difference between the normal push up and this one is the presence of a raised platform.

The correct way to do it:

  • Find a raised platform and take your position for push up.
  • Keep your hands at a distance wider than the width of your shoulder.
  • Put the entire weight of your body on your arms.
  • Proceed with the push up as normal.
  • Repeat this 50 times a day.