First aid skills-The primary thing which you should look for is the signs of life like person’s breath, his or pulse and, the size of the pupil in light and dark as the rule goes that the size of the pupil should become small when you throw the lights at the eyes. If these symptoms are not under control, perform cardiopulmonary resuscitation in that case.

First aid skills that everyone should know

First aid skills that everyone should know

1. In case of severe bleeding


Rather than applying a tourniquet, you first need to stop the bleeding by catching hold of the artery that is closest to wound and clamp it. Next step is to tie a compressive bandage with the help of sterile wipes. You can stuff the wound with the wipes if the injury is not shallow.

However, if you are going to apply a tourniquet around the wound, make sure you use it only in case of emergency. Loosen the tourniquet within 10-15 minutes and, don’t tighten it for more than 30 minutes.

2. In case of nose bleeding

First aid skills to stop nose bleeding. Rather than making the head tilt back to stop the bleeding, cause the head to lean forward to let the blood flow. Now, press the soft part of the nose with the fingers for not more than 10 minutes so that the person can spit out the blood to avoid vomiting. Never use tampons or clog your nose with cotton balls as it will worsen the case.

3. In case of hypothermia

Never rub ice, oil or vaseline to raise the temperature of the body quickly, instead, take the person to a warm room and wrap the body parts which almost feel frozen or else, make use of a blanket to keep the person warm. Most importantly, make sure that you serve the person with a sweet drink and hot meals rather than serving alcohol as it leads to heat loss by expanding the arteries.

4. Cardiac arrest

If you find someone getting a cardiac arrest, perform the following steps for different age groups. For adults, perform an indirect heart massage by pressing the chest with the base of the palm and the thumb of the hand should either face the person’s chin or his or her legs. For teenagers, repeat the same process with the entire palm. If it’s a baby, use two fingers.

Note – Perform these actions only when the target person has been placed on a straight surface.

5. In case of a burn

If the person is burning, the next move should be to lie him down and cover him with a cloth which is not flammable to stop him from getting burned. And, call a doctor.

However, if the burnt area is not severe, first wash the hand with cold water for 20 minutes and then place a sterile bandage and, make use of ice on the burnt area and approach a doctor for further guidance. If the burn is severe, you can give the patient salt or mineral water.

6. Airway obstruction

Instead of using Heimlich thrusts for an unconscious person, you can lay him or down on his or her back and sit on his hips. Next, you have to hold the costal arch and press it down. Now, you need to remove the unidentified object from their mouth with your fingers covered with a cloth. If it’s a child, then put them in your left forearm and their heads down. Give them three back blows and taking their legs, turn them upside down. For pregnant women, hold them above the rib cage to perform the Heimlich manoeuvre.

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7. Dislocation

Since an X-ray procedure can help you find the exact scenario of the displacement, all that you can do is not to let the person move his or her injured body part. Don’t let him or her run the body part by bending or unbending it. Bandages should be used to fix a brace, but not including the injured part. However, do not tie the bandage too tightly that it affects the blood circulation.

8. Poisoning

Make sure that you clear the person’s stomach by giving him or her 10-20 cups of plain water. To cause a sensation of puking, press the base of the tongue with the two fingers and repeat the process until the water becomes clear.

If the person goes unconscious, don’t go for gastric lavage.

9. Snakebite

In the case of snakebite, never try to suck out of snakebite as it will only lead to the spread of poison in your body. To stop the poison from spreading, you can lay down the person. If the target part of the body os leg, then tie it to another leg and, if it’s an arm, press it to the body. Do not use a tourniquet as it won’t stop the poison from spreading.

10. Lower abdominal pain

Never take painkillers if you are facing lower abdominal pain because if you take them, you get away with the pangs of pain but with that, you are curbing the symptoms of dangerous diseases like bowel obstruction, a perforated ulcer or any such harmful illness.

You should consult a doctor if you have acute pain.

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