What Your Fingerprints Reveal About Your Personality

Fingerprints reveal your personality-They’re subtle, barely noticed in our everyday lives. However, they prove to be very useful in many aspects of research and even investigation. The scientific study of fingerprints, Dermatoglyphics, is frequently used in forensics to profile various people involved in a crime scene. It increases in precision rates due to the developments in this area of study.

Now we know that no two people have the same fingerprints. But take a look at the prints on your fingers and see which one matches yours the most. Below are the three major fingerprint styles and their variations, as well as the personalities that experts associate with them.

Fingerprints reveal your personality

Fingerprints reveal your personality


1) Loops

This temperament portrays optimism, friendliness and a bubbly personality. Sanguine people make friends quickly because they are, warm, welcoming and approachable. However, they can’t stand boredom. It’s enough to drive them insane. That’s why they try their best to keep things new and fresh every time, never settling for one thing for an extensive period.

1a) Ulnar Loops

Loops may also vary regarding patterns, and one of these variations is called the Ulnar Loop. Its design is a form of lines that seem like waterfalls flowing towards the pinky finger, but with triangular points. People with this print are very gentle but somewhat spontaneous. They are observant, but they live in the moment, charming people with their easy-going attitude.

1b) Radial Loops

Radial loops are similar to the Ulnar patterns, except they point towards the thumb instead of the little finger. People with radial loops on their fingers are very independent, with a wit that can carry them through whatever path they choose to take. They are inquisitive yet knowledgeable. Because of this, they tend to go against the flow of many and seek our their roads.

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2) Curves (Arches)

Curves or arches are said to characterise the choleric temperament. If you your fingers are designed with prints like these, then you are confident and energetic. Maybe you tend to be a little stubborn, but it’s your zealous conviction for what you believe in that strengthens your beliefs unless you find moving evidence to prove otherwise. You are also very loyal to those who’ve earned your loyalty.

2a) Simple Arch

Simple arches look like hill patterns, and it usually symbolises introversion–a slightly shy personality. You guard your feelings very well, and you are cautious in making decisions. You don’t often mention your inner thoughts and feelings to others, but instead, keep them to yourself.

2b) Tented Arch

This type of arch looks more like mountains than hills. Like the slight exaggeration of the printed arches on your fingers, your personality tends to intensify as well, depending on the people with which you interact. You may treat others with harsh coldness, but loosen up entirely to those you like. You appear to be very intriguing because your behaviour and thinking are unpredictable.


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3) Swirls (Whorls)

Having swirls or whorls on your fingers puts you under the phlegmatic temperament. People within this scope may be short-tempered, but they are not ones to hold grudges. They’re not the type who backstabs a friend because they wear their hearts on their sleeves. Their minds can wrap around almost anything, no matter how complex the idea is.

3a) Concentric Whorl

Concentric whorls look like a whirlpool, with the eye of the storm in the middle and the edges completing the circular form. Likewise, people with this pattern have a strong personality. You tend to centre on yourself sometimes, but you are driven passionately by what you believe. Your competitive nature motivates you to always strive for the best, and you have a rebellious nature.

3b) Spiral Whorl

Like the image above, spiral patterns emerge from the centre and widen outwards. Spiral prints suggest that you may be self-motivated, but you know well your dreams and how to get to them. You know how to go about your life, and you’ll stick to the road you’ve paved.

3c) Press Whorl

Press swirls are elongated whorls rippling out from the centre. They are often on people who are ambitious, and passionate about what they do and what they want to achieve. Because of this, mediocrity is never an option. It should always be the best of what you can give, or you don’t give anything at all.

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3d) Imploding Whorl

The picture above displays the pattern of Imploding Whorls with its Tai Chi symbol at the centre. This feature means that you possess a natural ability to understand others and to control your emotions. You are also a multi-tasker with high concentrations skills.

3e) Composite Whorl

Composite whorls form a sort of wave, symbolising adaptability. Whether life’s waters ripples at you from the shore or crashes down over you like a tsunami, you’ll always find a way to swim through. Your decisions are practical and rational, even when it comes to people. You never stereotype. Instead, you try to accept them for who they are.

3f) Peacock’s Eye

With a pattern that resembles a peacocks eye, people with fingerprints like his are said to creative and excellent communicators. They always know what to say and how to talk to people. Moreover, their ideas are colourful and imaginative, perfect for a career in the arts.

4) Variant Patterns

This particular design does not conform to any pattern. It can be a combination of all the formats mentioned above, in fact. Also, coincidentally, people with variant patterns on their fingerprints are divergent. They speak their minds. They hate being controlled and can sometimes appear as arrogant. However, this makes them a great leader; always on the frontline instead of behind the pack.


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