Find the right shade of red lipstick for your skin tone

The classic red lipstick is everyone’s favorite. In spite of that, women refrain themselves from applying red lipstick. The reason for this is that they are always unsure as to which shade will compliment their skin tone and which will not. We completely ignore blue reds and carry orange reds with a lot of fear. But, this won’t happen if you are aware of your skin tone and the lipstick shade which will best suit it. You need to first find out whether you have warm skin tone with yellow undertones or a little pinkish red skin tone with little blue undertones and so on to reach at your best-suited shade of red.

To find out your skin tone, take this vein test. Observe the veins in your arms.If the veins in your arm appear blue, you are cool toned, and if they are greenish, you are warm toned. If you look better in silver and blue, you are cool-toned. If you look better in gold and orange, you are warm -toned.

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Peaches and cream complexion:

If you have pinkish complexion, you can rock the matte red lipstick with mauve or little plump purple undertones. Make sure to avoid blue-based reds as they will make you look colder.  Even an orangey red will work well for you.

Fair with yellow undertones:

Choose maroon red and little berry reds and avoid blue or mauve reds.

Fair with blue undertones:

If you have blue undertones, choose a cool red lipstick, not very blue but still a little on the mauvish side.

Sun-kissed warm but fair skin:

Most of the Indians have this skin tone. Choose yellow or golden reds, not blue reds, a little on the orange side to make your face look beautiful.

Warm olive skin

If you have this skin tone,  stick to yellowy reds and not mauvy reds.Choose Matte orange and little brighter reds.

Light brown skin tone:

Go for Neutral, true reds instead of yellow or blue reds.

Medium brown skin tone:

Warmer yellowy golden reds are suitable for you. Matte or glossy both will work well for you. You might as well give a hint of golden shimmer.

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Dark skin tone:

Choose more of an orangey-red lip shade.

To sum it up, choose classic red if you have a fairer skin tone. Avoid anything too pinky. If you have medium skin tone, go for darker blue-based red. And if you have darker skin tone, go for more orangey-red.

Some useful tips:

Apply your red lipstick on your upper lip and then look at the color against your natural bottom lip. If you have brown or black hair, choose shades of red with some browns in it.If you are cool skin toned, try cherry reds, plum, and burgundy. Blondes with a warm complexion can choose coral red, orange-red, or copper red. Redheads with a warm complexion can choose orangey, brighter shades of red. Blue toned reds will make your teeth appear more white.

That’s all ladies.! I hope these tips were helpful for you. Let us know how you like them in the comments section.


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