Find out your correct eye shape and choose the eyeliner style which suits them the best!

This post is all about eyes! Let your eyes do the talking. It is rightly said that Eyes have always been a woman’s best and most attractive feature. However, you do need to know the right makeup techniques to make your eyes appear brighter and fuller. Many girls out there don’t know their correct eye shape, and hence they fail to choose the right eyeliner style for themselves. So, find out your correct eye shape and choose the best suitable eyeliner style for your eyes.


1.Almond-shaped eyes

The sign that you have almond shaped eyes is that the inner and outer corner of your eyes is at the same level. The distance between the inner corners should also be equal to your eye length. If you have such type of eyes, draw a thin line on your upper eyelid starting from the inner corner. Extend the line till it reaches the outer corner and not beyond.This style will enhance your eyes even more. It will make them look more beautiful and impressive.

Reverse winged eyeliner tutorial!

2.Hooded eyes

If you have hooded eyes, Excess skin hanging over the eyes will make them look smaller than they are. To make your eyes appear bigger, You need to add volume to your eyelashes. Make wide arrows covering the entire upper lashes or use a very dark eyeliner for best results.

3.Wide-set eyes

For girls with these type of eyes, the distance between your eyes is more than one eye’s width. So, you need to To draw your eyes closer together. To do this, draw an arrow starting from the inner corner to the outer corner. Then, starting from the middle of the eyes, draw a line on the lower eyelid but don’t go beyond the outer corner of your eyes. When you apply mascara on your lashes, make sure to brush your lashes toward the bridge of your nose.

4.Large eyes

This is the most beautiful eye type. Though you already have big eyes, you need to elongate them a bit more. To do that, Apply eyeliner on your upper eyelid. Then draw an arrow which should be a centimeter beyond the outer corner of the eye. The smoky eye technique will work the best for you

Your way to longer eyelashes!

5.Elongated eyes

Elongated eyes sure has the possibility of appearing too narrow if the makeup is done incorrectly. You can make them look more attractive by drawing an arrow a little away from the lash line. Then shading it gently. Use a white pencil to outline the narrow strip of skin between lashes. Use a black pencil to emphasize the upper eyelid. Thicken the central part of the arrow while doing this. And you’re good to go!

6.Close-set eyes

If you have close-set eyes, the distance between your eyes will be less than the width of one eye. So you need to make them appear more open. To do this, make a gradation from light to dark shades especially on the outer corners of the eyes. Then, a little away from the inner corner, draw an arrow whose end should be outside the outer corner and a bit raised. Your eyes will look prettier this way.

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