Find out what the shape of your nose reveal about your personality.

The most noticeable part of a person’s face is his/her nose. The nose can, in fact, reveal a lot about the person’s personality. The shape of your nose has a direct link with your personality. Read on to find out more.

1.Big Nose.

You are full of power, drive, leadership, and ego. You are the dominant one and like things to go your way only. You always aim high and petty aims do not interest you.


2.Small nose.

You are creative, and you like to be the part of a group. You have no problem in performing repetitive and systematic work because you are hard working. You sometimes tend to be frustrated and impatient.

3.Long Nose.

You’re highly ambitious, and you have a great business sense.You are strong headed.

4.Nubian Nose.

You are smart, and you always look for new ways of solving a problem. You don’t let your emotions overpower you. You are expressive, broadminded and attractive.

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5.Wavy Nose.

If you’ve got a big bump over your nose, then you are fun loving, and you are always seeking to enjoy life.

6.Roman Nose.

You are a great leader and are very organized in your life. You have a good personality and are intelligent are ambitious.

7. Turned up nose.

You are always positive in life. You are supportive of others, and you can assume responsibilities very well.


The Shape Of Your Nose Can Tell Alot About Your Your Personality