Find out How to become a pro at applying eyeshadow.

Applying makeup is a fine art. It comes in various stages. Applying a base, a foundation, cover up, and mascara is a necessity and everything apart from this just doubles up the beauty of your face. We cannot say that you can do without those additional steps, but they are also fun to do so why to skip them?

Afterall, it is always fun to experiment with your makeup. On some days you can give yourself the perfect cat-eye look, and on other days you can mix and match your blush and your lipsticks.


Working on the rest of your face is fine, but when it comes down to perfecting that eyeshadow, you very well know that you’re doomed. Only a few people know how to blend the different colors of eyeshadow together so that it boosts the beauty of your face instead of ruining it. Needless to say, your entire makeup might be on fleek, but just a small eyeshadow mistake will prove to be a turn off for your entire face.

Find out your correct eye shape and choose the eyeliner style which suits them the best!

If by this time you’re wondering how to save your look, Beauty blogger AlexandrasGirlyTalk’s tips and tricks are here to help you do just that. Regardless of your pace at doing makeup, this tutorial is sure to help you out in every possible way. Before we proceed to show you the video tutorial, we would like to give you some tips which are as under:

Are you Holding your brush correctly?

So, the next time you do your eye makeup, just observe the way you hold your blending brush. If you’re habitual of holding it closer to the bristles, this is where the problem lies. Holding the brush closer to the bristles makes your grip harsher resulting in patchy, uneven blending which is a big NO!

Try to hold your brush more towards the tip for an easy grip resulting in a softer and more natural look.

Don’t skip applying foundation on your eyelids!!

No matter what part of your face it is, never skip applying foundation on it. Eyelids need foundation just as your cheeks do. Foundation acts as a perfect base for applying eyeshadows. Concealer works just as good as the foundation. It makes the color of eyeshadow pop out a lot more. Start by taking a small amount of concealer on your angular flat brush and trace the arch of your eyebrows. Then use the same concealer on your entire eyelids and blend everything well with a makeup sponge. This will also serve the purpose of using a primer and will make your makeup stay in place whole day long.

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Now here comes the complete tutorial which will make you a pro at applying eyeshadow. Don’t forget to share how it turns out for you.


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