Find out how the shape of your fingernails is related to your personality.

Have you ever wondered what the tiniest of things could reveal so much about your personality.! Yes! Something as small as fingernails play a crucial role in determining your personality. Fingernails also give an insight into your health.  The way you trim them, the length or even the natural shape of fingernails are of great importance in determining your personality. Let us now find out what the shape of your nails says about your personality!

1. Feminine and masculine traits

Here, the length of your index finger and ring finger is of importance. Scientists believe that the length of your index finger and ring finger is related to the amount of is estrogen and testosterone that your baby is going to receive during the development of the fetus. Generally, males have shorter index finger than females.

2. Depression

The length of your nails has a direct connection with the level of depression that you have.

3. Shorter index finger.

This is particularly for women. If you have a shorter index finger, then you are at risk of anorexia and assertiveness.

4. Fan-shaped or triangle shaped

If your nails are wider towards the top and narrow towards the base, you have an anxious type of personality.

5. Almond shaped

If you have almond-shaped nails, you are creative, emotional and gentle, just opposite of fan-shaped personality.

6. Broad rectangle

If you have wider rectangle-shaped nails, you are honest, patient, balanced and easygoing.

7. Tall rectangle

If you have broad nails lengthwise, then it reveals that you are narrow-minded. You are self-centered too.

8. Square

If you have nails that are equal in length and breadth, then you have an impatient personality.

9. Oval or round

If you have nails as shown in the above picture, you are optimistic, open-minded and happy.

10. C-shaped

These type of nails show that you are truly hard working.

11. Anatomy

Our nails are made up of keratin and are produced near the cuticle of our nails. They are actually called nail plate. Isn’t it interesting?

12. Shorter index finger

As said earlier, shorter index finger reveals a risk of ADHD, autism, and aggressiveness.


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