How Can Beneficial Using Fermented Rice Water Shampoo be for Healthy Hair?

Fermented rice water shampoo-Those who cannot survive without having rice do know that it is not only delicious but healthy at the same time. Nearly all people worldwide will acknowledge that it is a staple food. However, let’s face the facts, there are far more benefits that derive from rice – health benefits that go beyond dietary values. One good instance is the use of fermented rice water shampoo for the hair.

Fermented rice water shampoo for healthy hair

Fermented rice water shampoo for hair

Do you find it hard to believe? Maybe, maybe but using rice as an active shampoo ingredient will genuinely deliver decent result for the hair. As a matter of fact, for centuries now, Asian women have been using fermented rice water to cleanse their hair. So, this does not come as a surprise that Asian women have some of the longest hair as a whole.


What about the cost? Well, the good thing is that you can make it right in the convenience of your home and spend next to nothing. You have located the right content to learn more about how to get it done. So, let’s get going!

Listed below are the ingredients:

This all-natural shampoo can easily be produced. The secret is to learn the correct amount of ingredients. Listed here are the ingredients you will need:

* 1 cup organic rice (whichever type of rice you have)

* 2 cups of warm water

* 1 chamomile tea (good for blonde)

* 1 cup shikakai tea (good for dark hair)

* 1/4 cup aloe vera juice (thickens hair and helps with hair loss)

* Lavender oil (fragrance)

* 1 cup liquid castile soap (great clarifying agent)

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Step 1 – Put rice in a bowl and rinse to get rid of dirt. Be sure you make use of clean(distilled) water when rinsing to make sure that it is free from chemicals and dirt.

Step 2 – Add warm water, mix and cover the bowl using a lid. Ratios may differ depending on the quantity of water and rice used. Wait for approximately 30 minutes for the rice to soak. Swirl to enable minerals and vitamins seep in to have healthy rinse.

Step 3 -Next strain the water into a clean container. Wait for about 24-48 hours for it to ferment or turn sour at room temperature. The amount of time for it to become fermented can vary on the temperature of the room. It is works quicker if the area is warmer.

Step 4 – There are those who would boil the rice to ferment it. It all depends on your hair needs. To learn which one works well, it is advisable to try the two methods. You could add castile soap, chamomile/shikakai tea, aloe vera, and drops of lavender oil for better fragrance and enhanced benefits.

An additional way is using cooked rice while the water is extracted. This procedure may require you to use greater water than the usual. Once the rice is well cooked, extract the excess water from it. The principle here would be to use the more concentrated water that it has. Let it remain covered as it ferments and you also need to dilute.

Note: Fermented rice water does not have synthetic ingredients. This means that it will not last over a week even when stored in a refrigerator. You can only use it for up to 5-6 days after you make it.

Why Would You Use Fermented Rice Water Shampoo?

Searching for good reasons to try it? The fermentation process could help in enhancing the rice water effects on your hair. Rice is loaded with vitamin B, vitamin E, antioxidants, minerals, and contains traces of pitera yeast that stimulates cell regeneration creating an excellent environment for healthy hair.

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How to use Fermented Rice Water Shampoo for Maximum Results?

After saturating the hair with water, rub the shampoo carefully into scalp and hair. Allow it to sit for 5 minutes then thoroughly rinse. To have the best result, apply it once weekly.

You may alternate this with your regular shampoo if you would like. To further improve its cleaning power, you can incorporate rice flour. Fermented rice water must be applied to wet hair.

Note: You will see its visible outcome after 3 to 4 weeks of prolonged use. It is not suggested to use a blow dryer after cleansing the hair. Just let the hair dry out the natural way.

The Advantages of Fermented Rice Water Shampoo for Hair

Several advantages of hair can be obtained when you begin using fermented rice water shampoo. The benefits are backed up by science.

1. Quicker Hair Growth

Rice water contains vitamins and amino acids that can aid in the regeneration of hair. Therefore, it could decrease hair fall.

2. Prevent Split Ends

Having split ends might be irritating. Because of the protein content of rice water, you may decrease having split ends. Achieve this by soaking split ends.

3. Eliminate Lice Naturally

The starch contained in rice water gets rid of lice right away. In reality, it is a good option for lice control before the problem advances and worsens.

4. Strengthens Hair Roots

Like what was previously mentioned, amino acids can be found in rice water. This is responsible for toning up the roots, adding shine, and making the hair feel and look silky smooth.

5. Protects Hair from Damage

Fermented rice water shampoo helps enhance the elasticity of hair because it can reduce surface friction. It helps de-tangle the hair for easy brushing. The result is less hair damage most beneficial for those with long, kinky or curly hair. Additionally, it contains inositol, an ingredient that repairs damaged hair. The great thing is, even after rinsing, inositol still stay on the hair. This provides continued hair protection.

6. Eliminates Dandruff

Routine use of fermented rice water helps reduce dandruff. It helps you save the embarrassment of an annoying or itchy scalp.

7. Good as a Hair Rinse

This rice water can be a substitute for your favourite shampoo. It could enhance the texture as it adds volume to your hair. You can also expect to have stronger, smoother and healthier hair.

Aside from the hair, rice water even offers benefits for the skin. It is a great moisturizer and beneficial ointment to cool off the inflamed skin. It gives a glowing effect to your skin.


I, therefore, conclude that fermented rice water shampoo provides incredible results for healthier hair. The fact that it is safe, all natural, and it is also cost-effective makes it worth a try. It is among the best all-natural shampoos for boosting the condition of your hair for the better.

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