Beauty And Fashion Expectations Vs. Reality

Fashion expectation vs reality-In today’s era, people continuously grind to get the maximum number of likes on their pictures or the maximum number of followers. In pursuit of that, they try to imitate beauty and fashion trends that they see online.  But everything doesn’t always go as we expect them to. While attempting to follow a beauty or fashion trend, people end up going miserably wrong!And, none of this is their fault. In spite of following every step correctly, you might end up looking like a fool because that is how harsh reality can be.

Sometimes, the results are so weak that you decide not even to expect anything in the first place. What we want to tell you is that it is okay if you go miserably wrong somewhere. Always remember to choose comfort over beauty, because when you are comfortable, it reflects in your beauty!

Have a look at these beauty and fashion failures, after all; there are many people like you who are also struggling with the harsh reality.

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Fashion expectation vs reality

The shape of your own body matters too!

Fashion expectation vs reality

Maybe these jeans are not meant for you?

Beauty does come with pains!

After all, no pain no gain.

’em curves!

The results are even worse when you get your inspiration from a celebrity.

And, the photograph says it all.

And when you can’t even fit in.

Maybe, you need a smaller head?

Just Ripped jeans problems

Fashion is not everyone’s cup of tea.

The sunburn.

Sun’s out burn’s out!

The angle, the capture and most importantly, the outfit matter!

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The outfit, here, is wrong.

When the expectation makes you look ugly.

Don’t try to copy, duh!

If the above picture didn’t make you cringe, this one surely will.

Being content is the key.

Bold eyes ain’t bold anymore

You’re not a professional, honey!

Yes, you may laugh!

Socks make or break your entire look.

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Manicures, when done by self give you results like this.

You should leave this up to professionals only.

When you end up looking extraterrestrial.

When you take the highlighting game too far.

I browse Eyebrows.

I’m sure that after seeing these results, you would no longer want to imitate any trend. For that matter, be the trendsetter yourself!