The List of Failures that Cruelly Victimize People

Failures that cruelly victimize people-You may have awful days because you may be the victim of bad moves of your fate. We can also be the part of such situations which we can call failures. We have the list of such failures that make us very angry, and on the other hand, these are funny also.

Failures that Cruelly Victimize People

The List of Failures that Cruelly Victimize People

1. My father parked very poorly when he arrived from the party


Driving while you are drunk is not the right idea because the conditions so arise can affect the drunker and other drivers driving on the street. You can see in the picture what happens when you run with the fortune to reach your destination. It was the situation after arrived at the party. So, do not drive if you take some drink.

2. For two months I was washing the dishes with floor detergent, instead of using the right one…

The picture shows that the adults are also capable of making such mistakes with this type of products. Accidents can also take place in homes. We have to pay more attention while doing these kinds of work. The person was using the floor cleaner to wash the dishes instead of using the dish wash liquid.

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3. When you hang bananas somewhere in the kitchen, but something goes wrong.

We must be careful about the fruits that where we leave them. In the picture, you can see how the owner of the banana has kept the bananas and what has happened with this delicious fruit. We must take care of our things.


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