5 common exercises for knee, ankle, and hips at home

Exercises for knees and ankles-Now if you have somehow injured your ankle, foot or the heel, it is most likely that you will develop a similar symptom in your hips and knees too. Hips, knees and feet all depend on one another, if even one fails, the entire system suffers. In such a situation, even daily chores will be a hassle for anyone as the movement will be minimal. So today, we are going to look into five basic exercises that may help anyone suffering from any pain in knees, ankles or hips.

Exercises for knees and ankles

#Heel Raises:

5 exercises for knees and ankles

In this exercise, a person needs to stand next to something which is at hip height and hold onto it. For instance, one can take a chair to hold onto. Then the person needs to raise one of his/her legs to hip height such that the hip is close to the lifted foot. Then the heel of the other foot on the ground should be raised but with the toes still touching the ground. Continue this with the other leg for 20-30 times.

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#Toe trotting:

Just as the name suggests, a person needs to walk on his/her toes for a few minutes. It would be better to include this walking in between daily chores.

#Toe curls:

Similar to the previous. Here the name suggests the exercise. The person needs to curl his toes inward with the toes pointing towards the heel. Trying doing this on a regular basis, by bending it once then releasing it and then swirling it again and so on.

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#Ankle Rotation:

The most common exercise which is often used by athletes for stretching of ankles is the ankle rotation. Rotate the ankle in clockwise direction ten times and then in anti-clockwise direction another ten times.

#Ball Steps:

A person needs to place a tennis ball or softball under the feet and try to put all the body weight on to the ball. The person can try moving the ball around a bit under his/her feet for better effect.

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