From our childhood, we get taught about etiquettes in our schools and, at our homes. But, still, we commit some or the other mistake either knowingly or unknowingly. Here are some right ways of doing the day to day activities.

1. Avoid keeping your umbrella open for drying in the room.

2. The proper way of showing affection

3. Right clothes to wear at home which is comfortable.

4. Removing the hat when you enter your house

5. Avoid getting ready in public

6. Sitting with your legs together while wearing pants

7. What to do when you’re invited to a party

8. Pick up only essential calls when on a date

9. Talking calmly and in a relaxed way when in public

10. Keeping your cutlery parallel when you’ve finished eating.

11. Avoid using shopping bags as a handbag.

12  how to address someone.

13. Knocking the door before entering.


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