Elegant hairstyle is now just 3 steps away!!

The way you present yourself in front of others speaks more about you than your words. So, yes, being elegant has to do something with your looks. You need to choose an elegant hairstyle to look presentable.

Your dressing, makeup, and hairstyle should go hand in hand with each other.


Here is a step by step tutorial to achieving a classic braided bun.

Start by straightening your hair and smoothening their texture.

If you already have straight hair, you just need to smoothen them out. But, if you have wavy hair, straighten them out using a straightening iron.

After that, divide your hair into three equal sections, the left the right and the back section. Connect it at the crown area by placing your index finger there.

Now pin it put. You can split the left and right portion and bring it in front.

Clip the right and the left portion and then clip them backside.

Find out what your hairstyle says about your personality!!

Spray your hair to make them stay in place and to add some volume.

It is preferable to tie the back portion into a ponytail. Make a bun out of this ponytail and secure it with bobby pins. Make sure that it stays in place.

Bring in the side portion.

Take the hair strands from the side and clip them to the bun using bobby pins. Do this for the entire portion of hair. Use enough bobby pins for a better hold.