Easy step by step tutorial for a bold party look.!

Hello pretty ladies!

This post is all about a bold party look.Usually, girls like to go for soft lips, but that look is suitable for only your day-to-day look. But if you are going to a party, a bolder look with super glam lips and cat eyes would be more preferable.This look is sure to perk up your mood. Apply a dark brown shade on your lips and pair it with a retro-glam cat eyeliner. This combination will work well for almost everyone. And to add to the beauty of this look, This look goes pretty well with those hot black dresses. So if you’re bored of your regular makeup looks, give this bold look a try. It is super easy to create, and it will not take much of your time.

So let’s have a look at the step by step tutorial given below!


Step 1:

The first step is to apply a face primer on your face and an eyelid primer on your eyes. The primer will make your makeup stick to your face properly and also for a longer period of time. You can start this look with your eyebrows. If you have thin brows, first draw an outline for them. This will make them look sharp and well defined.

Step 2:

After you’re done with outlining your brows, it is time to fill them in. Fill your brows in with a brown eyebrow powder.Make sure to blend it very well with the help of a spoolie. After finishing the blending part, apply some concealer under your brow line to hide any mistakes and also above your brows to highlight them a bit more; lastly, you need to set that area with a compact.

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Step 3:

Next step is to apply a light beige pink shade of eyeshadow on your lid and blended the shadow very smoothly. After that, apply some light grey eyeshadow on your crease with the help of a fluffy eyeshadow brush and blended it nicely. You’ll obtain a pretty combination of pink and grey.

Step 4:

Now since we’re looking for a bold look and not a subtle one, Next up is to, apply a little of the dark grey shadow on your eyelids and blend it until it turns into a soft grey look.This way, you’ll avoid getting any obvious harsh line. To highlight your eyes, even more, apply a light pink shade on your brow bone as well as on the inner corners of your eyes. This will pop up your eyes more.

Step 5:

Next, draw a small line on the upper eyelid and create the base of your glam cat eyes. Then you need to create only the outer winged line; Make sure to create a sharp line and then finally join the line with your baseliner and fill up the rest of the eyeliner. Aim for and try to create a thick bold cat eye look. And trust me, It is super easy you just need to keep your hands steady, and that’s it. Don’t worry if you make any mistakes. You can always correct your tiny mistakes with the help of a concealer.

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Step 6:

Now to work on your under eye area, it is very important to clean the shadow dust from your under eye area first. After that, apply a concealer to hide any of your under eye bags and dark circles. To define the shape of your eyes, apply a black kajal on your lower lash line. You may even smudge the lower lash line a little with a small blending brush to make it look more natural and to smoothen out its sharpness.

Step 7:

The next step is to curl your eyelashes. If you want to make your eyelashes look thicker and longer, never miss on curling them out. It makes a lot of difference to your eyelashes which you’ll experience yourself. Then, apply a mascara on your lashes. If you’re still not satisfied with your lashes and want to amp up the drama, you can use a pair of false lashes. Then you can correct any eyeliner glitches.

Step 8:

Now it’s time to work on your face. Apply your foundation and concealer in the usual manner. But, for this look, make sure to apply a darker concealer just below your cheekbones, side of my nose, on your forehead and jawline. This will contour your face and define its shape well. Then, using a beauty blender, blend all the products in a tapping motion.  Don’t rub the sponge over your skin, just tap it. Lastly, use a compact to set everything in place.

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Step 9:

After that, again apply the highlighting concealer just under your contour to make it more prominent and clear. If you see any visibly harsh lines, use a contouring powder to do away with those lines and make your look softer and more natural. You can even skip your blush and directly apply a bronzer on your cheeks.

Step 10:

Then comes the final step. You need to work on those lips to complete your bold look.After completing your face makeup, apply a dark brown lip color. Choose that shade of brown which suits you the best. Use a concealer to conceal the area around your lips to highlight its natural shape.Finish your makeup with a makeup fixing spray to make it stay in place for a long time.

Here is the final look. I hope that this tutorial was helpful for you! Do let me know in the comments section.

The complete look:


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