Easy home remedy to remove sun tan and dark spots in no time!!

Summer is nothing but awesome apart from the fact that you get harsh tan lines. We make use of sun-tan salve, sun-tan oil and so on to make our tans fade away. But in spite of our repeated efforts, we fail to get rid of them completely. Isn’t it?

So, today, we’re bringing you this quick home remedy that’ll make your tan and other dark spots disappear like magic!

Hesitate no more to have fun in the sun!!


Ingredients required:

1.Gram floor (1 tbsp.)

2.Milk powder(1 tbsp.)

3. Honey (1/2 tbsp.)

4. Lemon juice (1/2 tbsp.)

5. Milk (2 tbsp.)

Procedure for preparing the mask:

Mix all the above-mentioned ingredients in a clean bowl. Combine them well until you obtain a smooth paste. Make sure that the paste should not be clumpy. Keep it in just the right consistency that is neither too thick nor too runny for proper application.

How to apply:

Take a clean brush and apply the paste to your face using this brush. Avoid applying it to the area around your eyes as the skin here is very delicate so you don’t want to damage it. Make sure to apply a thick layer of the paste to not let your skin go dry after some time. Keep this pastes for at least¬†20 minutes on your face before washing it off.

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