Easy Half bun tutorial

Easy half bun tutorial-Buns are a go-to hairstyle for many women. Reason being the ease with which you can create a bun within a couple of minutes. Half buns are funky and make you look cool. To make a half bun, the minimum length of your hair should be up to your shoulder. Use hairspray for keeping your bun fresh the entire day!

Easy Half Bun Tutorial

Easy Half bun tutorial

Follow these easy steps:


Step 1. Detangle your hair first of all. Make sure your hair is completely dry. Separate out a section of hair from the top. Start making a french braid using this portion.

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Step 2. Add in hair into your french braid from this portion only.

Step 3. Continue this process till all the hair from that portion is in the braid.

Step 4. After you’re done, turn the ends of the braid to form a bun and secure it with an elastic band.

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Step 5. If you need it, add a few bobby pins to secure it tightly. Lastly, use some hairspray to make the bun stay in place for a long time.