Dress For Your Body Shape

3 Hourglass:

The hourglass figure is the most desirable figure for any girl. Unlike Apple or Pear-shaped the hourglass figure has both a well defined upper as well as lower body. In short, the body has a balanced shape.

Wear dresses to highlight your gifted curves and well-defined waists. Flared dresses or peplum tops are the best outfits for this. High waisted skirts that end right at your knees are perfect for accentuating your waist. Halter neck tops and V necklines are a must for the hourglass figure. Wear these tops with skinny and straight legged jeans to enhance the overall shape of the body.

Do away with any kind of outfits that might add volume to your already well structured and balanced body. This means not wearing ruffled shirts, bows, boxy tunics and high necklines.

4 Rectangle/Athletic:

Ladies with this body shape have no curves, a tiny waist and straight shoulders, hips and bottom. However, this body type is also characterised by beautifully defined and well-shaped legs. The main aim of dressing up for this body type is to add definition to the waists while keeping the top and bottom parts of the body balanced.

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Since this body type is also gifted with wonderful arms, you might wanna stock your wardrobe up with all kinds of halter necks, cold-shouldered or off shouldered dresses and flaunt your arms at all times. Ruffled tops with round necklines are a must have for adding volume to your upper body. Pencil, tulip and A-line skirts will not only add volume to your waist but also highlight your long and pretty legs. Add belts to create a curvy look.

Cropped tops and high waisted pants are a big no-no for this body type.

5 Carrot/wedge:

This body shape comes with broad shoulders, big bust but thin legs and small booty. Wear dresses which make your hips and booty look broader. Wear waist details like wide belts to create an illusion of a waist. Straight lined dresses and outfits with wider bottom are a must to accentuate the best parts of your body. Wear V necks and open shoulders to make your shoulders look narrow.

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Avoid wearing heavy tops like to make your upper body look slimmer. Pencil skirts and skinny jeans are a big no-no as they will make your legs look extremely thin.