Discover What Your Favorite Flower Say About Your Personality!

Flowers are the most beautiful thing of nature. The moment you look at them, you feel rejuvenated. Different flower symbolizes different emotions. They can represent love, friendship or mourning. Flower had been a subject of poems by many poets. Remember Daffodils by William Wordsworth? Not only they touch your soul but fill your heart with a wide range of emotions. Flowers can represent your personality too. The kind of flower you like says a lot about your personality. Let us find out what your favorite flower tell about you.

Look at the image below and choose a flower which you like. Each flower is associated with different personality. Choose the one which you think represents you the best.


Answer 1: 

This flower is an epitome of splendid beauty.You come to life around the holidays just like Amaryllis. You are most active during that time and actively participate in preparations for the celebration. You like to be surrounded by your loved ones because you genuinely care for them. They also want your company because you are a strong support system for them. They seek your advice in every matter, big or small.


Answer 2:

Lily symbolizes energy and positivity. People enjoy your company as you are full of enthusiasm. You bring an electrifying energy with you when you enter the room. This energy is contagious and inspires others to become more lively. You are a bon viviant. Always seeking new adventures in life, always curious to explore new things. You are a leader who comes up with new ideas and leaves hard work for others.

Answer 3: 

Rose is a beautiful flower which attracts many, but as soon as someone tries to come close, he is hurt by the thorns. Similarly, you are gorgeous but very reserved and straightforward. People like you because you don’t believe in circumlocution and express yourself unequivocally.  Classic red rose also represents a brave and sincere person. You a good planner and have planned big things for yourself. You are determinant and are not afraid to achieve the goals you have set for yourself. You are so focused that you might forget to enjoy life.

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Answer 4: 

A black rose is hard to find. It is unique, So are you. No one can be like you as you are one of a kind. You are always a leader and not a follower. You don’t easily let anyone in. You are extremely independent and don’t trust anyone easily. Remember that it is human nature to seek companionship and you will end up lonely if you don’t break your walls.

Answer 5:

Tulip symbolizes fame and perfect love. You are both of them. You have a warm heart and loving nature but can be very emotional and sensitive. You are ruled by your heart. You enjoy spring, and when there is still a bit of cold in the air, you blossom full of life. You are a passionate lover and wear your heart on your sleeves. You give your heart and soul to a relationship.

Answer 6:

Orchid is the queen of flowers as it is one of the most beautiful flowers. Anywhere in the world can be your home. Orchid symbolizes proud and glorious femininity. You are excel in whatever you do and are filled with extraordinary talent. You put a lot of hard work in everything you do, to achieve the goal. Due to higher intellectual, you might think that you don’t fit in. But remember that you are born to stand out!

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