The dirtiest body parts about which you didn’t know before!!

The world we live in is incredible! It is the home for a uncountable number of creatures. These creatures differ from each other not just in size but also in every aspect that you can think about. The similarities between two creature are at least countable, but when it comes to their differences, they are endless!

Of all the creatures that God made, Humans are by far the most complex. The human body is too complicated. It is made up of infinite tiny cells which keep on renewing after a certain period. The complexity of each cell out of human understanding.

Each part of the human body requires proper cleanliness and care. Our body parts have a natural tendency to get dirty because of our body secrets harmful bacteria and fluids out. This needs to be adequately cleaned to prevent diseases and bad odor.


Let’s have a look at some of the dirtiest parts of the human body that you probably didn’t know earlier.

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1. Mouth!

2. Armpits!

This part needs the most attention and cleanliness as it is the home for about 80,000 bacteria! No wonder why some people’s armpits stink that much!


3. Head!

There are thousands of bacteria in your head. They are the cause of dandruff and itching. So, wash your hair as frequently as possible to keep your head clean.


4. Ears!

Our ears are made to clean themselves naturally. They produce a wax-like substance to stop bacteria from entering into the ear.


5. Tongue!

The color of our tongue speaks tons about our health. It can vary from pink to yellow, white and sometimes even grey. So it is necessary to clean your tongue regularly.


6. Anus!

The anus is without any doubt the dirtiest part of our body. The various harmful bacteria are removed from our body through the anus. So, proper cleanliness is mandatory!

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7. Nasal Cavity!

Various bacteria are trapped in the nasal cavity because of the presence of hair and mucus in the path. Hence, the nose is also one of the dirtiest parts of the body.


8. Finger Nails!

It’s important that you trim your nails from time to time because there are thousands of bacteria present in your fingernails and the skin below them.


9. Belly button!

Belly button also has many bacteria present!