Different kinds of hugs we share with different people

Different kinds of hugs-Having different types of relationships in everybody’s life is standard for all. It can be a relation with a friend, a family member, a sibling or a loved one. In all the different stages of our lives we experience changes in our relationships, but what stays essential is the affection we show towards others with whom we share a relation. Fights and quarrels are frequent in every relationship, but so are hugs and kisses. Here we are going to talk about different kinds of hugs that symbolises what kind of affection one has for the other.

Hugs among lovers are quite common, so most of these hugs are based on them. So let’s get into the list.

1.Back Hug:

This kind of embrace is prevalent among people who share a romantic relationship. This kind of hug shows affection and provides a sense of security to the other person. These hugs signify that a person cares about you a whole lot and is willing to do everything for you. A person who has missed his or her significant other also tend to hug the partner from the back more.

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Different kinds of hugs

Different kinds of hugs

2.Tight squeeze:

It is the kind of hug you give to a friend whom you have not seen for a long time. We hug the other person as hard as we can and can almost feel their organs.  These hugs are considered the real ones though because tighter the embrace, the more affection it shows. We mostly experienced the tight hugs from our grandparents because they always hugged us as if it was their last.

3.The holding Hug:

The long holding hug is only shared among loved ones. They are a sign that the other person needs you and depends on you. Even when a person is feeling low or is upset, he/she tends to hug his/her significant other with the long hold. Also when a lot is going on in a person’s life, a long hug from the partner can help attain some sanity to the mind. It can also be a consoling hug when a person is in tears.


It is a gesture hug shared mostly among friends rather than the loved ones. These hugs are primarily brief in time with a little bit of a pat on the back of the other person. These hugs are indeed genuine and signify how much a person appreciates the other person in his/her life.

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5.The straddle hug:

It is a hug shared among only couples and is usually done in private locations. In this hug, one partner sits on the other person’s thighs with their legs hugging the other person on the waist. This hug requires a lot of emotional trusts and is a sign of the relationship that they share.

6.Around the waist:

This is another unique hug that people who have indeed shared a lot tend to do. This kind of embrace is common among lovers as a sign that both of them are now comfortable around one another. This is also a genuine hug which shows real affection that a person has for the other person. It shows how much you value the other person in your life.

7. The London Bridge:

Imagine yourself hugging a person you don’t want to cuddle. This hug is precisely what it would look like. In this kind of embrace, both the individuals lean in but only with their upper body and the lower body stays at its place, far from the other person. This sow you don’t want to hug the other person, as you are not comfortable around the other person but are still doing it because you don’t want to hurt the other person.

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8.Single arm hug:

It is console hug to show the other person that you care and that you are feeling for what she/he is going through. These hugs are mostly used in such situations when one is trying to console his friend that everything will work out eventually.

9. The small pat:

Many people don’t like sharing hugs, not even with the people that they love. They feel shy and think that somehow they will lose their masculinity if they hug. This kind of people mostly just give a pat on the other person’s back to show that he cares but doesn’t want to embrace the other person in doing so.