Curl Your Hair in Five Minutes Without Curling Rod!

Curly hair can give you glamorous look. If are not blessed with natural curls, you can achieve them with the help of various products, such as curling rod, which are readily available in the market. However, these rods are very harmful to your hair. They steal the shine from your hair and damage them. You may experience hair fall if you are using curling rod for a long period. Learn how to curl your hair without damaging them by following these simple steps:

1. Slightly wet your hair. You can use a spraying bottle for this purpose

2.  Tie your hair with 4-5 long socks. The longer the hair, the longer the sock should be.

3. Part your hair and start wrapping your hair around it. Finally, tie the knot when you reach the end.

4. One by one, take all other sections and wrap them around the socks.

5. Leave it overnight. Untie the knot in the morning, and you will be left with curly hair.

Watch video very carefully

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