Your way to wash your hair correctly

Correct way to wash your hair-No one does not want to have a silky and shiny hair, and when it comes to the ladies, this desire gets harder. Our ladies are seen to make efforts for having a perfect texture of their hair, but sometimes their big efforts are defeated by the little mistakes.

Correct way to wash your hair

Correct way to wash your hair

Although they do spa, hair care and a lot of things regularly their hair is not so correct. When they do not wash their hair correctly, they have to lose the beauty if their hair.

In this article, we will tell you the mistakes of your dealing to wash your hair. Let’s have a deep view of them.

  • The way of drying your hair

This is the most common thing that we do dry our hair with the towel but do we ever check as if the towel is hard or soft? Believe me, if we don’t do the same thing, we are making a big blunder. We should not dry our wet hair with the harsh towel, but all we need to do is that we should dry our hair with the soft cotton cloth. For the better result, we should leave our hair to dry with the natural hair if possible without taking any help from the cloth otherwise we should choose the soft cloth.

  • The quantity of the shampoo

Along with the quality of our shampoo, it also very matters that we are using an ample amount of our shampoo. The quantity of our shampoo should neither be very less nor very much. It should be according to our hair volume.

  • When we rub our hair

Do you what is the biggest reason to have split ends in your hair? This is nothing but rubbing your hair. Yes, this is the most common thing which you do but you never realize. When you rub your hair, they get spilt from their end due to the negative fraction. So, make sure that you are not going to rub your hair.

  • You wash your hair but only the upper side

When you wash your hair only by the upper side, this also harms your hair. This takes the nourishment from the hair and makes them dry. So make sure that you are washing your hair from top to bottom.

  • Do not use too much shampoo

As you are aware of the chemical shampoos so do not use them too much. Better if possible prefer to have the Ayurvedic or herbal shampoo but otherwise if you are using the chemical shampoos, do regular care of your hair.

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  • Avoid too much washing of the hair

This is a very important point to remember that you should avoid too much washing of your hair. Also, do not wash your hair daily because if we do the same, our hair loses the shining and glow.

  • Do not use hot water

Keep this point in your mind that the hot water is a big enemy of our hair so do not wash your hair with the hot water. It can damage your hair texture.

  • Take cool water to wash your hair.

This is another important thing that you should make sure that you are using cool water to wash your hair.

  • The time of your conditioner

Calculate your time of having conditioner in your hair. Wash your hair and do let them very dry. Now apply the conditioner to your hair and leave for 5 five minutes yes and then wash with the normal water.

  • When you are applying conditioner

This is very important that you should know when to apply conditioner. Do not apply the conditioner to the wet hair but apply that when your hair is dry.

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