Comic illustrations clearly depicting today’s hypocritic society!

The times have changed drastically. Gone are the days when people used to think and do good for others. The main reason behind the society becoming hypocritic and indifferent about things is the excessive use of social media. Social media has taken a toll on everyone’s lives. It has irreversibly crippled us all.

Marco Melgrati, a brilliant artist has depicted the brutal reality of today’s hypocritic world in his illustrations. From the fakeness that people show on social media to people’s hunger for money, he has depicted it all. We hope that these illustrations instil a sense of concern and responsibility in everyone’s mind.

The magic of plastic money


Can hardly tell a person’s real emotion these days.

Diseases weigh people down.

When your ego is bigger than your body

The number of likes you get is directly proportional to the number of hashtags you use.

Women still do not have equal access to literacy.

This is what cosmic love seems like.

This might as well soon become a reality.

Well, unrealistic aims are better than low aims.

Socrates was the doubt maker.

How to confuse your enemy.

Virtual touch > Real touch

Gaining profits by fooling people?

When children can’t wait to grow up.

The harsh reality.


Your Guardian Based On Your Sign