Cheesy Things That Every Couple Does But Never Admits To!

Cheesy things couples do-Okay guys, so we’ve all been here some time or the other. Relationships! A bit of rollercoaster, aren’t they? I’m not here to give bits of advice today but rather to spill all of the tea about those cheesy little things that couples do. Some couples can get on our nerves by always being a little extra in everything. But, you know what, we’ve all been a little extra while in a relationship. Don’t agree with me, do ya? Well then, stay with me for a while and ponder yourself. Here’s a list of couple-ly things we all have done for that someone special.

Cheesy things couples do

Calling Each Other With A Nickname

cheesy things couples do

If you deny this, then you haven’t been in a real relationship all this while. From cutie-pie to honey bun, there is a wide range(believe me) of nicknames that you can choose for your boo. Well, I think its kind of sweet. Don’t tell me that you don’t get butterflies in your stomach when your guy/girl calls you, with a sweet little nickname reserved only for you, casually. But believe me that these names can sometimes be funny as hell.

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Sending Mushy Texts

Oh yes, I’m going there(lol). People in love send the craziest things to each other(not that I haven’t done that). Have you received a random text from your bae saying, “Missing you”, “Thinking about you”, and felt your cheeks reddening? Please don’t tell me that it’s just me. Hey, don’t feel alone, there are a lot of lovebirds out there doing just the same right now.

Public Display Of Affection

Okay, so let’s talk real for a moment, PDA can go a little overboard sometimes, but that’s precisely what we do in a relationship. We’ve all done that in our ways, from posting hundreds of selfies with him/her, holding hands, to even kissing in public. Hey, I’m not against anything. If you feel like showing your affection to your loved one, go for it, zero judgments here.

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Good morning and Good Night Texts

So this may not be true for every couple, but a lot of couples send each other ‘good morning’ and ‘good night’ texts, adding again, a cute nickname with it. ‘Night-night honeybun’, ‘morning beautiful’ is a nice way to kickstart your errands. After all, it shows affection that everyone deserves from their partners.

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Exchanging Love Notes

So the era of letters may be gone, but it’s not gone for people in love. Sending a heartfelt letter or maybe just an ‘I love you’ note makes your other half happy. It shows a little bit of effort, and that’s what makes it special than just a card bought from a gift shop. Come on guys; your special someone deserves such love-filled letters once in a while or on a special occasion.

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Celebrating Relationship Milestones

The first time you met, your first kiss, the first time you said those three magical words ‘let’s order food’ (just kidding lol); all these dates become way too important in a relationship. And guys, or even girls, if you don’t remember your anniversaries, you need to step up your game.

Saving Love Souvenirs

This one is very common, and in my opinion, it’s not that cheesy. From the first gift you received to even your first movie tickets together, you save them to remember your bae in those lonely moments. Don’t be ashamed of keeping such souvenirs; you’re just a part of crazy love-club now.


Ending The Call With A Usual One-liner

So when you are in love, most of the times you are not going to end the phone call with your boo with a boring ‘bye’.  Its a given that most couples replace that ‘bye; with ‘love you’. Hey, there should be something special when you are talking to someone special. Expressing your love to him/her is the sweetest thing, and you should not stop it even if some article says that it’s cheesy *winks*.

I am very close to changing the title to ‘cheesy and even cute things couples do’ *laughs*. Be in love and don’t stop the craziness. Enjoy the beautiful ride of love.