Check Out The List Of Cartoon Characters that Exist In The Real World

Leela/ Futurama

The funniest thing that we have witnessed all week about Leela or Futurama showing in this picture that Teen Mom’s, Farah Abraham’s ruined lip injections side-by-side. Though yet Futurama may not be under the Disney brand as Fox and Disney work out with their paperwork, this is worth making a list.


Lili/ Lilo & Stitch

We think that Disney should revitalise the Lilo and stitch brand then should bring back the show. If we talk about it one step further and talk about the remake of live action, then we make sure no one further can take the place of this little cutie.

Merida/ Brave

From her looks, the lady appears to be on her job at Disneyland for entertaining the youth. This lady has rightly killed the character of Merida from Disney’s Brave.

These people found innovative and hilarious ways to solve the problem!
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