Check Out The 5 Basic Needs Of Men And Women That Needs To Be Satisfied In Their Married Relationship

Everyone wants to have a happy family. A psychologist and marriage counsellor have researched 800 couples, and the result came out that every woman and man has the basic needs that they want to be accomplished from their married relationships.

We are going to tell you through this article that according to Willard F. Harley, which basic needs should be satisfied to ensure that the couple is happy in their married life.

1. The women need to have tenderness and men need to have love.

  • Every woman needs to have tenderness.

The women not only need to have tenderness but also the love and attachment. We can express such feelings in multiple ways like kissing and hugging, flowers, calls, and caring gestures. If her man does all these things, a woman feels protected and comfortable

2. Every woman needs to talk all the time, and every man needs his partner for hobbies and entertainment.

  • Every woman needs to talk all the time.

Women want their men to talk to them, pay attention t their words and respond to them. The couple happily meets and speaks to each other in the courtship. It is essential for the women to have the same thing in their marriage. According to Willard F. Harley, a woman would get satisfaction if she gets 15 hours per week his man’s attention. It means that she needs a little more than 2 hours a day.

  • Every man needs his girl or wife to be a companion in entertainment.

A man goes with his wife for a couple of activities like fishing, watch hockey, and many others. Women often share their partner’s interest. They let their partners enjoy what they want to. However, men always need that their wives should be a good companion in their entertainment. To get relaxed with the wives is the second most important thing for the men.

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3. A woman needs to have an honest husband, and a man needs to have an attractive wife.

  • Every woman needs an honest and open partner.

The trust of the women depends on the honesty of their partners. So it is essential for the man to be honest about everything to retain the faith of his wife.

  • Every man needs a physically attractive woman as his wife.

To be a realistic man, he can not appreciate his wife only for her intelligence. The men always need their wives to be physically attractive.


4. Every woman needs to have enough money, and a man needs his house to be cosy.

  • Every woman needs to have enough money

We might not have enough money ever. We always desire to have more and more. However, there is the specific amount of money that we need to live a stable and comfortable life. According to the scientists, women need to have that certain amount of money to live a stable life and happiness.

  • Every man needs his house to be cosy.

There are a lot of tasks and problems in men’s life that need to be solved every day. So, men want a tidy and orderly place where they can rest comfortably. It is the powerful need of the men that they even dream about it.

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5. Every woman needs to have a husband who is a good father and man needs to be admired.

  • Every woman needs her husband to be a good father.

Every woman wants that her husband should be a role model of their son and wants the image of a perfect man for their daughters in her husband. Moreover, men have to take specific responsibilities for the development and education of their children.

  • Every man needs to be admired.

Men need that their women should admire them and they feel proud of themselves. The admiration of their wives is the motivation for them.