Easy Bun Hairstyles That Can Be Done Under 5 Minutes

Bun hairstyles in 5 minutes-I know hairstyles can sometimes drive us crazy. Sometimes you are not in the mood to spend an hour on your hairstyle or don’t have enough time. The best solution is to go with a bun because they not only look good but also take lesser time; a hassle-free hairstyle.

The best thing about buns is that they work well with almost all the outfits that you choose. They also do not always have to be casual-looking, you can make your bun into a classy hairstyle also, without spending a day in the salon. You need to know a handful of these bun hairstyles, and there you’ll have your perfect look.

They are very easy and do not require much time. They will also save you from this deadly hot weather. Here’s the list:


Bun hairstyles in 5 minutes

Beach Curls Bun

bun hairstyles in 5 minutes

This is the easiest bun of all. All you need to do is curl your hair, take all your hair, all above your head and secure it with a rubber band. If you have natural curls, you will save even more time. It looks sexy, and I would recommend it for the next party you are going to attend.

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Messy Bun With Side Parting

A few loose tresses look beautiful with a lot of hairstyles. This hairstyle is no exception in that matter. This messy bun looks so stunning because it gives away a kind of natural and effortless look. This low bun hairstyle looks even better when you have layered hair.

Fancy Top Bun

Flaunt your facial features with this bun with all the hair pulled up and secured into a bun with a rubber band. This hairstyle is quite popular these days and works very well with western dresses. TBH this is my favourite bun style because it is the least time consuming and looks classy as hell.

Bun With Bangs

If you have a round or oval-shaped face, this bun is the one for you. Team the bun with bangs, and it looks super cute. It’s a go-to hairstyle when you decide to go to the movies or for shopping or any other casual event with your girls.

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Bun Updo With Side Bangs

This hairstyle adds an elegant element to your entire look. It is also helpful in adding a little volume to your hair. It looks gorgeous on girls having long layered hair.

Fishtail Bun

I am a huge fan of all fishtail hairstyles. Fishtail buns look quite fancy, and if you want to try a fresh bun style, this is the way to go. Make a fishtail braid at one side and secure it into a bun. Don’t forget to have a few tresses at the side. It’s that easy and also very charming.

Criss Cross Bun

This bun is also very easy to make and does not take long. You just want to make a regular bun, take two thick strands from both the sides and crisscross it above the bun. It adds a kind of professional look and is best suited for the same.

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Loose And Messy Nape Knot

This bun gives an effortless style to your overall look. Carry this carefree hairstyle with a knot at the nape. Loose bangs go perfectly well with this type of bun.

Bun With A Side Part

This hairstyle includes a crisp side parting and a casual bun with loose strands of hair. It looks quite classy and will work with many outfits.

Rolled Bun

This low rolled bun is quite fun as it is effortless to make and will work on both straight and curly hair. However, the perfect look can be achieved with finger combing the hair instead of using a brush. This will give you a natural look. You can also brush it into a bun neatly instead of finger combing, in accordance to the occasion.

So here are some perfect bun hairstyles that you will not regret trying.