Blue light exposure has some perks to it

Blue light exposure effects-We have all heard that the Blue light coming out of the electronic devices tend to mess up the sleep and wake cycle of any person. We are also warned not to use electronic devices like that two hours before sleeping. This is a proven fact, but there is another result of an experiment which has revealed that there are some benefits of these blue light exposure too. In this article, we are going to talk about the research that was conducted and what are the benefits of blue light exposure.

Now blue light exposure is quite common in the modern world with the increasing number of electronic devices like tablets, laptops, smartphones or TVs. It is said to suppress melatonin, which results in fitful sleep and awake time for a person.

Blue light exposure effects

blue light exposure effects

Some scientists from the University of Granada believed that the blue light exposure reduces that psychological stress in a human mind. To prove this theory, they conducted an experiment which comprised of 12 healthy adults between the age of 18 to 37. With the help of MIST ( Montreal Imaging Stress Task which involves solving mathematical problems in socially stressful conditions ), all of them were introduced to psychological stress deliberately.

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The scientists followed it with a relaxation session where 6 of them were exposed to blue light, and the rest were exposed to white light. The scientists were monitoring the brain and heart activities of all the 12 adults and what came as a surprise was that the people exposed to blue light experienced stress reduction faster than the people exposed to the white light. They claimed that these findings might be helpful for medical purposes, as well as for educational environment improvement.

Now, these experiments show that if a person is struggling with psychological stress, especially when experiencing fights with the loved ones, the blue light exposure can be helpful for them to deal with the situation better. It will somewhat make the person feel more at ease in such cases

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