Salt – a wonder product

Best uses of salt-Sodium Chloride, often known as common salt occupies a significant portion of everyone’s life. Salt, which came into existence around 5000 years ago, has been a pivotal to many civilisations and the need for it is growing since then. Not only it adds taste to our food but also acts as an aid for various other household chores. 

Best uses of salt

best uses of salt


Perplexed with a stubborn grease on the new pan? Don’t worry. Take a glass of salt and apply it on the grease on the pan. Now, rub the oil with a cloth and rinse the container with the regular liquid and WHOOSH! The grease is gone. 


Need to buy a new chopping-board? Why not turn the old one into a new one. Sprinkle some salt on the old wooden surface and scrub it with a lemon and rinse the board with the tap water after keeping it undisturbed for some time and here is your new chopping board free from stains.

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