There Is A Lot Of Goodness In Some Food Parts That We Throw Away.

Nutrients rich foods-All the nutrients that are there in healthy foods make our body function, help the body parts to grow and give us the energy to carry out the deeds of the day. There are some food types that we do not eat wholly, and the parts which are gotten rid of can be used for many other purposes. I am going to list out some foods and the things that they can do so that you can save some essentials from now on. Take out your notepad and let us begin.

4 Best nutrients rich foods

Banana peels

nutrients rich foods

A large part of food gets its place in the trash because it turns out inedible. However, there are certainly other useful tasks that they can perform instead of giving the body essential nutrients. As it turns out the banana peels that you clearly throw away can shine your leather. What you need to do is just run it on polish and buff the leather. Did you ever think about getting such use out of banana peels? So the next time you grab a banana make sure to use the peels as mentioned.

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Potato Peels

nutrients rich foods

How many times have you tried to get rid of those stubborn eye bags under your eyes and how much money have you spent in the process? What if I tell you that you can get rid of those annoying bags by using the peels of a vegetable. The vegetable peels that can put you out of your misery are potato peels. Catecholase is an enzyme which occurs in the potato skin naturally. So, placing potato skins on the eyes can help you get rid of the eye bags.

Stale bread

When you think of stale bread, there might surely be no thought of getting any use out of it. The fact is that stale bread can be used for cleaning grinders. Since it is an amazing absorbent, it will also help you get rid of the unwanted leftover smell. You can be surprised that it can be used even as an eraser. Just try to work it against some smudge marks and notice them gone.

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Old olive oil

Olive oil has so many countless uses that it is hard to put a number on it. But do you think the same way about old olive oil? Old olive oil works great if used to lubricate stuck zippers. As it turns out it is also an excellent make-up remover. Potted house plants also can be kept healthier if given a wiping with olive oil.

Get younger looking skin with the help of bananas

Banana is rich in many nutrients such as iron, magnesium, potassium, iodine, zinc, and vitamins A, E, and F, which makes it an excellent ingredient for an anti-ageing treatment. A simple face mask can be made using bananas which is quite effective.

  • Add some gelatin to half a cup of water and boil the mixture.
  • Mash a banana into this gelatin mixture.
  • Add some of the honey and lemon juice.
  • For achieving a smooth texture, blend the mixture and let it cool in a refrigerator.
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Clean your face properly and apply this mixture to your face. After letting it dry for a few minutes, peel the mask off your face. It will freshen up your skin and definitely help you get rid of wrinkles. Apply the mask once in every two weeks.

So, what are your thoughts on this one? Which one are you going to try from now on? What food parts are you going to save up from now to get even more benefits out of them? Tell everything about it in the comments below and stay connected for many such informational and a variety of articles.