5 life saver makeup hacks no one told you about!

Best makeup hacks you need to know. Doing makeup is an extremely difficult process. It takes years of practicing and learning to master the technique of applying makeup professionally.

Today we bring you some tips which will turn out to be useful for you while you’re still learning to master the art of applying makeup. They will save your time as well as provide you a professional finish. Let’s start!

Best makeup hacks you need to know

1. Spoon to the rescue!

Best makeup hacks you need to know


Using a spoon while applying mascara to your lower lashes will work wonders!

2. Wing it out perfectly!

Use a scotch tape to perfectly wing your liner.

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3. Fix your clumped mascara!

Adding a few eye drops to your mascara will make it smoother and it will be easy to apply.

4. For the illusion of having bigger eyes

Use a white eyeliner instead of a black one. This will make your eyes look bigger.

Have thick and Flawless eyelashes using these tips.

5. Curl your lashes perfectly!

Pinch at lash base and hold tightly while rotating your hand upwards. Pinch again while inverted! Be careful while doing this.Here you go!


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