Best henna mask for your hair-Henna, a plant which belongs to the Middle East, is a versatile reddish-brown dye extracted out of the tropical shrub extensively used for hair colouring and on various Indian occasions to make tattoos on various parts of the body, available in a dried form known as Mehendi used as a natural hair-dyer by many!

There are a plethora of benefits which can be driven just by applying henna to your hair like adding lustre to the hair,  conditioning your hair, and turning the grey hair into brown, getting rid of scalp flakes like dandruff.

There are some masks which can be produced with henna as an ingredient for different hair related problems involving different time periods.


Best henna mask for your hair


Steps for making this mask are –

A. Soak henna overnight mixed with tea decoction.

B. In the morning, add a tablespoon of ground coffee to it.

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C. Apply it your hair thoroughly.

D. Leave it minimum for 4 hours and, see your hair getting a reddish brown colour.

Best henna mask for your hair


To remove dandruff-

A. Soak henna overnight with adequate tea decoction.

B. Just before applying it, add curd and fresh lemon juice to it.

C. Apply it to your hair and, rinse your hair after 2 hours to get brow-raising results.


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