Get rid of armpit fat using these 5 easy exercises.

Best exercises to get rid of armpit fat-No matter what you do, fat tends to accumulate anywhere on your body. If we talk about armpit fat, it ruins your entire look. Getting rid of armpit fat seems difficult only if you don’t know these easy exercises.  But before we move on to that, it’s important for you to know the reason behind armpit fat accumulation.

Best exercises to get rid of armpit fat

Best exercises to get rid of armpit fat

Reason for behind armpit fat accumulation

There can be n number of reasons for accumulation of armpit fat, but the most prominent amongst them are not wearing the proper bra, lack of exercise, wearing skin-tight dresses daily.


Now that you know the reason let’s find out how to get rid of it.

Note: You’ll require gym equipment for these exercises.

1. Lying Chest Fly

Follow the steps below:

1. Lie down on the ground with your back straight, legs raised,  and knees bent as shown in the above picture.

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2. While keeping your elbows slightly bent, move your hand from sideward to the upward direction. Make sure to hold some weights in your hands.

3. Repeat this exercise as long as you can.

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2. Pull-Ups And Chin-Ups

Pull ups and chin ups are effective in reducing the armpit fat. They also strengthen your breast muscle and give you a good posture.

3. Chest Press

Lie down with your back touching the table and legs bent across the end of the table. Lift the chest rod and the bring it back to its original position. Bend your elbows while lifting the rod. Repeat this exercise 10 times.

4. Standing Reverse Fly

Stand in a slightly bent position with some weights in your hands. Now push your hands forward, keeping them low. Make sure to bend your knees a little bit. Now, bring the weights to the side, keeping your hands straight. Repeat this exercise multiple times.

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5. Pulling Weights

Lie down with your stomach touching the ground.  Lift your hands upward and lift your chest along with them. Take your hands backward as much as you can. Now come back to your original position for a while and then repeat.