See the beauty of long distance relationships through these beautiful comic illustrations!!

Long distance relationships are sure hard to keep but distance doesn’t matter if you truly love someone and care for them immensely.

An artist beautifully depicted what it is like to be in a long-distance relationship.

If you’re also in a long distance relationship, then you’ll totally relate to this post. And yes, don’t forget to call your partner and share this with them too!



1. Always thinking about them


2. Celebrations are virtual


3. poor internet connection sucks!

4. Late night video calls


5. Even the smallest of things remind you of them


6. when seeing each other is a difficult task

7. The excitement of finally being able to meet is unmatched!

8. You literally count days!

9. And when the best day ever arrives!

10. Finally getting to hug them!!!!!

11. You are the happiest when you’re with them

12. You wish to freeze time

13. The last night with them is the toughest!

14. Not wanting to leave each other’s hands

15. After all, Distance hardly matters!


Signs telling that a girl is totally in love with you!

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