Some Urban Designs That We Need To Have In Every City

Beautiful urban designs-The world’s population is increasing at a fast pace and so is the population of people living in the cities. 68% of the world’s population is expected to live in cities until the year 2050, according to UN. If the majority is going to live in urban areas, we need to get in pace with different innovative urban designs. The environment that surrounds us has an enormous impact on our mood, behavior, and way of thinking. Today’s article is therefore dedicated to some urban designs that need to be adopted by every city.  Some are too innovative and astonishingly ahead of their time.

Beautiful urban designs

A glowing bike path

Some Beautiful Urban Designs That We Need To Have In Every City

Yes, you read it right. An excellent solution for an even safer evening bike ride is presented by this path which is present in Poland. Light emitting materials form its part, and that is why it glows in the dark. Its glow is not only beautiful but also makes the night rides much safer than they are now. So folks, wait until your city gets one of these paths.


Unusual flower bed

Unusual flower beds at unusual places are the new thing nowadays. A flower designer, Lewis Miller, from New York has a knack for incorporating flowers into unusual places. The result of this knack is this cat sculpture which became an avant-garde flowerbed that could enhance anybody’s mood and make any event special. So, I would say that Lewis did a great job with the sculpture, don’t you think?

A part made out of recycled material.

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Kentsel yaşam her geçen gün nerede olmak zorunda olduğumuz ve nerede olmak istediğimiz arasında bir pazarlığa dönüşürken “Neye sahibiz?” ve “Ne kadarına ihtiyacımız yok?” gibi sorular öne çıkıyor. Urban Bloom projesini gerçekleştiren Aim Architecture ve Urban Matters, şehirlerin gittikçe kalabalıklaştığı dünyada, kendi değeri ve şartları içinde kullanıcılarına mutluluk veren mekanlar yaratmanın yollarını arıyor. (fotoğraf: Urban Matters by MINI, CreatAR Images) #urbanbloom #urbanmatters #aimarchitecture #china #shanghai #urbandesign #urbanspace #urban #publicspace #landscape #architecture #archilovers #arkitektur #arquitectura #design #designlovers #explore #exploretocreate #kamusalalan #kentseldönüşümuzmanı #kent #şehir #peyzaj #tasarim

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Can you imagine trash cans to be beautiful? If no then get ready to change your mind with this fantastic park located in Shanghai, which is known as ‘Urban Bloom’. It is a go-to spot for all the nature lovers as this park is constructed entirely and wholly out of recycled materials. You like it already, don’t you?

Multi-purpose urban furniture

This fantastic project is the result of the hard work of Spanish designers. It is a greenhouse, a bench and a working office, all in one. Can you imagine that right in the middle of a city there is a place where you can work, enjoy a green oasis and even charge your mobiles with renewable energy? That’s the kind of thing every city needs, and in increasing numbers.

Modified social benches

Does this even look like a bench to you at first sight? I bet it doesn’t. Jeppe Hein, a Danish designer, has converted benches in a work of art. The artist’s intention is to make the visitors conscious of the act of sitting, laying down and reclining on the benches and his work looks so beautiful.

Mirror labyrinths

This work is again by the same Danish artist, Jeppe Hein. It will help the people interact with the environment more. It looks super stylish and will help us appreciate the nature.

A food-producing dome

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Ikea's future design lab have created the Algae Dome, a 13-foot "food-producing architecture pavilion" for growing microalgae. The Algae Dome has over 1,000 feet of coiled tubing for the microalgae. It can grow nearly 119 gallons of microalgae in just under three days. Microalgae can easily replace soybean, and can be used to feed livestock, hopefully reducing deforestation. ☆ . . #eco #tech #stuff #green #environment #energyefficient #energysaving #sustainableliving #ecohome #climatechange #sustainability #ecofriendlyproducts #algaedome #ecoconscious #alternativeenergy #algae #ecoarchitecture #sustainable #savetheplanet #gadget #greenenergy #renewable #greentech #technology #innovation #hydroelectric #cleanenergy #zeroemission #savewater #gogreen

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I am not lying mates. This dome is a bioreactor that can produce a significant amount of micro-algae, vitamins, minerals and amino acids. This looks like a right step in the direction of sustainability.

Self-cleaning roads

South Korea is always many steps ahead of us in innovation, but this step towards change will surprise the best of you. Water sprayers are incorporated on roads that will not only clean the roads but also maintain their temperature and prevent it from cracking. Quite amazing, right?

Smart Wi-Fi stations

This is one of the many Wifi stations present in Paris where visitors can charge their phone, work on their laptop or search for any information on a large screen. Also, if you remember we talked about flowerbeds in unusual places; there is a flower bed on top of this structure too.

A waterfall skyscraper

This is probably the best combination ever, a building and a waterfall in one. There are many unique skyscrapers all around the globe, and this one also does not fail to surprise us.

Creative traffic lights

Yes, its high time that we need some creativity even in the traffic lights. While waiting for that endless traffic to snake away, we will at least be able to treat our eyes with something nice. Everything in life demands a little creativity.

A sonic playground

This playground is the coolest thing I have heard about today. It is a kind of interactive playground which will allow the visitors to play with sounds, the volume and the type of sound of which will depend on the place you stand. Musicians may like this place a lot.

A street library

It will encourage people to read more books. A street library is a perfect way to bring the youth back to some of the perfect books. Plus, books and a library can adorn any place.

A glowing waste labyrinth

This labyrinth in Buenos Aires was erected with the help of 15,000 plastic bottles. It is a creative way to bring the attention of the people to the most hazardous problem of all time, the amount of waste produced by humans on a daily basis.

Spectacular fountains

This fountain, as you can see, is quite hypnotizing as it rises from the ground and seems to take our breath away. The Vortex Fountain is located in the United Kingdoms.

Windows turned into balconies

Do you want to enjoy the view of a starry night or a sunny day just through your windows? Well, you have to incorporate windows like this in your city. This window is designed by an Argentinian designer.

Cool trash bins

Shape the trash cans in the form of trash and help the people locate their actual place. I would love to see different versions of such trash cans.

An urban tree house

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25 Verde – Torino 🇮🇹

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This building consists of 150 different trees; a giant treehouse in a busy city. The residents can surely enjoy a glimpse of nature while living in the cities. If you want to get some clean air and beautiful environment, then visit such a tree house.

So which of the above do you think that your city should incorporate? I’d say all of them *giggles*. Share all your opinions in the comments below.

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