A Street Artist Creates Beautiful 3D Graffiti That Blurs The Line Between Art and Reality!

Beautiful 3d graffiti-Graffiti is not a new art that this world hails. It has been here right from the ancient times, dating back to Ancient Egypt, Ancient Greece, and the Roman Empire. Against the common belief, graffiti is not always about words and wall paintings on the walls. Some artists breathe a little bit of life into their masterpieces. Sergio Odeith is one of those phenomenal artists. Sergio, from Lissabon, draws such graffitis that are too life-like to exist. His fantastic skill has gotten him works with the popular brands like CocaCola, Samsung, and Shell.

These beautiful works deserved to be seen by everyone, and this is why we have decided to share them with you. A treat for your eyes!



Sergio Odeith like most other amazing graffiti artists started to create his illustrations illegally. He got acquainted with graffiti in 1990, and thank God for that. Later 3D graphics that he called 3D technique caught his attention. The combination of composition, perspective, details, and shadows got him where he is today, as this perfect combination helped him create pictures as if they were floating in the air in front of the wall.

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Many another artists who are into graffiti making use of this ravishing technique. Most of them use this technique to draw “hovering” words (or phrases) and abstractions. Sergio also has many such amazing works that will astonish you, and in an excellent way.

He became widely popular with the help of his huge insects and spiders, that will at first scare you and then leave you in ae. These works got him a lot of fame and attention, which he deserved. The virtual-reality world that he creates is beyond incredible and definitely shows the hard work that went into the making.

Let us have a look at some of his precious graffiti.

Did that just scare you or pulled you in for some fun and cool stuff? The liveliness of these paintings still does not fail to surprise me. And I can’t even draw a smiley properly. How in the world does he do it?

Yay! A butterfly. It is kind of big but works for me as long as it has that shadowy effect going on. You are in for some bizarre yet impressive graffitis. I really want him to paint this in my bedroom, so Sergio, if you’re out there, somewhere, reading this…

I cannot believe that I am saying this, but the insect looks beautiful, although I would not one of these in my house.

Art can transform any place from a darn construction site into a masterpiece. Art has many magical powers I guess, so deep that it can transform your mood, make you want to create one of your own and much more.

People who are afraid of spiders are… definitely recommended to scroll through the rest.

The next few are going to make your day and leave you in wondrous chaos.

Okay, I know I started the joke, but it’s getting kind of frightening.

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"Epocilla" ?

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Some of his works revolve around scenes from movies and computer games.

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Time for a snack!!!! ? #odeith #anamorphic

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About the process.

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3D pictures from different angles.

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Flying through the angles !

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Can you imagine a street artist that avoids social implications in their work?

I have always been a fan of street art because that is the place you find the best, raw art. These pictures, however, has taken that love to another level. I am definitely going to check out all the mind-blowing works of Sergio. Will you? Tell me which one was your favorite? Also, how did you like the spider? Tell me about all your thoughts in the comments section below.

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