Avoid these mistakes and prevent your hair from damage.

Getting long and strong hair is not a walk in the park. More than anything else, maintaining the strength and luster of your hair is all the more difficult. You not only need to protect your hair from pollution and damage but also make sure that your hair gets proper nourishment from time to time. Even after all these efforts, you need to make sure to avoid these mistakes in order to get the hair of your dreams!!

1.Using a wrong shampoo

Using chemical based cleanser on your hair does more damage than repair. You need to carefully see the ingredients in your shampoo and choose a mild herbal one always.

2.Underwashing or overwashing your hair.

You should be able to judge just when your hair needs washing. Over-washing or under-washing both are equally detrimental to your hair.

3. Using cleanser wrongly.

Apply cleanser very gently to avoid hair breakage. Start by applying on the roots and then move on to the tips of your hair.

4. Not moisturizing your hair.

Your hair is the most prone to damage when they’re dry. You need to moisturize your hair from time to time to maintain their quality. You can use a herbal mask to do the same.

5. Washing hair with very hot water.

Never wash your hair with very hot water. It makes your hair dry, weak and prone to breakage.

6. Wrapping your hair in a towel.

You should not use a towel to dry your hair. Wrapping a towel around your hair makes them dry and weak. They become defenseless against harm. So, let them dry naturally.

7. Brushing your hair harshly.

Brushing your hair harshly weakens the roots. So brush them gently. Don’t brush your hair too often otherwise you’ll end up losing a great amount of hair.

8. Styling your hair too often.

You should avoid using hairstyling instruments such as hair dryer, curler, and straightner as much as you can. Use them only when it is extremely necessary. Reason being, the heat emitted by these instruments is a demon for your hair. Heat burns the hair follicles and makes your hair worse in the long run. Keep away from such instruments.

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