Amazing Picture That Make Your Pint-Sized Life Looks Much Better

There is one question for you that how you look at your life. Do you ever try to see your life in a normal way? Alternatively, ever do you think of something different for your life? An artist, Tatsuya Tanaka has a different view of the living. He thinks the life in somehow in a different way. He knows that the humans are not the big creatures on the earth and also they are not the small creatures. Humans come in between the smallest and the largest. Have you ever think of our life if we were the tiny creatures on the earth and also afraid of the ants. This artist took the idea from this thinking and converted this idea into his fantastic art. In his art, he has shown that if we are just a few inches taller and how our life would look like. This thinking has made his art more interesting.

Hilarious differences between men and women!!


1. The printer Wars



2, Cafe Coffee Cup


3. Mushroom or Broccoli Forest


4. The Surf-fan


5. The Tissue Plant


6. The Gouda Desert


7. A Bread Bed


8. A Thermometer Kayak


9. The Rice Pitch


10. A Bicycle Park


11. Mount Rhodia


12. Toilet Paper Hills


13. The Kiwi Workers


14. The Belt Dragon


15. Keyboard Sonata