It is that part of the cuisine which is ubiquitous and, is found everywhere. It is rich with a lot of vitamins and proteins making is an excellent breakfast item.

Fried eggs are actually a great meal to start your day with. you can pair them up with hash browns, burger or bacon, anything you like.


However, making a fried egg is not that easy! Nobody likes tasting a runny egg.

But, we start making faults when we start cracking the egg. If you try cracking the shell against an edge, it will push the shell inwards which will ultimately break the yolk. There are chances that the egg’s layer also mixes up after breaking. So, just like all clever people do, crack the egg against a flat surface!


Once the egg’s white turns white, take a spoon and hot oil and spoon it on the white part of the egg.

However, another method is to put a lid on the top of the frying pan. The steam will seal the top and you’ll get a perfect yolk with no undercooked white.

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But, if fried eggs are not your things then try making poached eggs. Making poached eggs is, however, a difficult task. Just add vinegar to the water.

Getting a great whirlpool is mandatory. Take a large pot of water and try maintaining a good swirl of water. Once the water heats up, drop the egg right in the middle of the swirl slowly. The round-moving water will help the white part to cover the yolk in a teardrop shape.

Try this trick to enjoy a delightful breakfast!