9 things that tell if a person truly loves you or not.

You might have been dreaming about your prince charming since your childhood. But it was only when you grew up that you realized that finding your life partner is no cake walk!! There are various ups and downs in your relationships and some didn’t even work out for the better.

Here are some signs which tell that a person truly loves you,  and is not just fooling around. Have a look :

1. When it comes to being in bed, they care about your likes and dislikes.


When a person truly loves you, he will take care of your likes and dislikes while making love. He will not do things just because they please him.


2. They will be honest with you when you’re wrong.

They will support you, but not blindly. They will let you know when you go wrong and will help you to correct your mistakes.


3. They trust you completely and don’t overreact to petty things

Different kinds of hugs we share with different people

They know the fact that you’re not always available to attend their calls or be with them and they’re still okay with it because they know it pretty well that whenever you get time, they’re always the first one you talk to.

4. They take care of you when you fall ill.

They take care of you when you fall ill.  They’re always by your side and take care of all your needs. They will check whether you’ve chosen your medicines on time. For them, your health is as essential as theirs.


5. They respect your perspective and don’t try to change it.

They listen and seek your opinion.  They respect your opinion and don’t try to change it.


6. They try their best to make you happy.

They will make efforts to find out your likes and will do just anything to keep you happy. They will surprise you with they love and care very often.

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7. They will listen to you

They will not only hear you but will listen. They will pay attention to what you are saying.


8. They’re not afraid of expressing their love for you.

They care enough to express their love out loud. They don’t shy away from telling you how much they love you.


9. They’re the same with you in front of family or friends.

You don’t notice any change in their behavior when you’re with their or your family or friends. It indicates that they’re serious about you.