9 Shocking school rules that are practiced in Japan

Every country has its own rules and regulations when it comes to school. It all depends on the culture and traditions of the country as a whole. Japanese people are beautiful and fashionable in general, yet they are not allowed to be fashionable at school. These schools have very strict rules and regulations which, if not followed by students, can cause dire consequences. That’s why they are considered one of the most strict school systems in the world.

Have a look at these facts you probably didn’t know about Japanese schools.

1. You’re not allowed to have your favorite hairstyle.

This is done to bring about uniformity. Boys have to have a simple cut with no styling or layering.

Whereas, girls have a choice of either having their hair long or tying it up in a ponytail.

2. No fancy appearances are allowed.

These schools do not allow its students to focus on their appearance. The main focus of these schools is on education. Girls are prohibited from wearing makeup, painting their nails or shaving their legs.

Strict Rules Of Japanese Schools That Americans Can Never Introduce In Their Dictionary Of Rules

3.Relationships are banned.

Yes, you read it right. Students are not allowed to be in a relationship when they are at school. Relationships are strictly banned in Japanese schools because the main focus of the school systems is on education. According to teachers, Japanese students are too young to think about relationships.

4.There are no substitute teachers.

In Japanese schools, if a teacher is absent or sick, then the class that teacher was supposed to take is not assigned to a different teacher. Instead, the students are left to study on their own. In Japan, The students are so disciplined that the teachers do not fear any misconduct on the part of the students. Hence, they can be left alone on their own to study in the absence of the subject teacher.

5. Greetings are a must.

For a Japanese student, In the morning, it is necessary to greet the teacher in their class. For some schools, it is tradition to start the day with a short meditation. This is done to bring about some positive energy in them before starting their long day.

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6. You are not allowed to be late

Students cannot come to school late unless there is an urgent situation. You may feel that this is true for many schools apart from Japanese schools, it should be noted that Japanese students are extremely punctual. Also, they have a habit of staying late after school for extracurricular activities or extra classes.

7. Uniforms are a must!

This is done to avoid any discrimination on the basis of economic status.Every school has a similar uniform in Japan. Boys wear black suits, whereas girls wear plaid skirts.

8. They have one break in the middle of the term

For Japanese students, Their only break is the 5-week summer break, which comes in the middle of the term.

9. You can’t bring food from home.

Students are not allowed to bring their own food. Instead, The school provides food for the students. The students get food like a bowl of rice, fish, or soup. And, Students are actually punished if they don’t finish every bite of their food.




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