9 Amazingly Helpful Tips To Rejuvenate Your Damaged and Fried Hair

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If you have damaged and fried up hair, this is for you. We’ve all been victim to damaged hairs by using harmful products, like heat styling or hair dyes that lead up to dull and not so good looking hair. To maintain a healthy head of hair, which will lead to proper hair growth, with smooth and shiny hairs, you need to follow these simple tips and tricks. Get back the much-needed volume in your hair by trying these amazing and healthy hair care tips.

9 Terrific Tips That'll Rejuvenate Your Damaged and Fried Hair

1) Trimming is essential

hair trimming

It is essential to trim your hair in every 12 to 16 weeks, so keep up a regular schedule in order to keep your hair healthy. This also helps in preventing split ends, promoting hair growth. You can have long and healthy hair in no time.

2) Stay away from heat

Heat styling can be dangerous to your hair, so avoid using it on a regular basis. And if you do use then make sure you cover it up by using some heat protection before you go styling your hair. But it’s best to stay away from straighteners and hot tongs which damage your hair in the long run.

3) Shampoo Properly

Regular shampooing can cause damage to your hair, so make sure you wash up your hair just twice or thrice in a single week. And make sure you use a compatible shampoo which doesn’t have any side effects. You can use a sulfate-free shampoo, which particularly specializes in helping damaged hair and turns them into healthy and strong hairs.

4) Don’t underestimate deep conditioning treatments

hair spa

A single hair spa in a month can do wonders, so make sure you make a regular, monthly deep conditioning hair treatments to reduce the extent of the damage caused to your hair. This will make your hair softer and smoother, bringing back your hair to a normal and healthy condition.

5) Oiling works greatly

If you are into heat styling your hair a lot, then oiling can help you. Use oil on your hair, which will make your hair stronger, reducing the damaged caused to it. And Hot Oil treatment can help in stress reduction as well.

6) Go natural

You can make a simple hair mask using eggs, bananas, avocados, oils, curd, etc. Make sure you apply it at least once or twice in half a month. This helps to keep your hair moisturized and makes your hair softer and smoother on feel.

7) Your Diet is more important than you think

foods for healthy hair

The secret to long and healthy hair also lies in your diet options. Follow a healthy diet which includes a proper amount of protein, iron, zinc, and vitamins which will nurture your hair. And also include a lot of fruits and green vegetables which contain a lot of minerals. A balanced diet is really essential for healthy hair.

8) Avoid further damage

Hair dyes and colors are a major cause of damage to your hair. You can use henna instead, which will provide a natural color to your hair, making your hair stronger without any side effects.

9) Choose The Right Hairbrush

Choosing a good hairbrush is significant to get shiny and smooth hair. Make sure that you choose a brush that doesn’t cause your hair to break.

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