8 Best Eyeliner techniques of all times.

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Eyeliner can enhance any and every look for sure. Just a hint of eyeliner gives you a touch of glam. Let’s find out about some of the best eyeliner techniques which will make it easy for you to master the art of applying the eyeliner.

1. The classic eyeliner


This is by far the best eyeliner technique. Using a black/brown eyeliner,  line your top lids from inner corner to outer corner of your eyes. If you wish, thicken the line as you go towards the outer corner.

2. Double-winged eyeliner

This is one step further of the classic eyeliner look. Using a gel liner to line your upper lash line. Use a scotch tape to wing it outwards. Then you can create a double wing by creating an additional smaller wing on your bottom lash line.

3. Metallic eyeliner

This will give you a hint of glam for your parties. Just apply the usual black eyeliner and after that use a metallic pencil in silver, bronze or gold to line along your eyeliner. You can even use metallic eyeliner only on your lower lids too.

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4. Cut-out cat eyeliner

This look will make you stand out of the crowd. Apply a liquid liner along the lash line and wing it outwards for a sharp tip. Later, starting from the center of your crease connect the lines on the outer edge of your eye.

5. Heavy liner look

This is a dramatic and bold look. Apply the eyeliner as you usually do, winging it outwards. Then, starting at the tip of your wing draw a curved diagonal line across your eyelid to the inner corner of your eye. Fill this gap, and you’re good to go.

6. White eyeliner

White eyeliner is the best way to draw attention towards your eyes. It makes you look alert and more awake.Apply white eyeliner on the inner corner of your eyes and work your way outward to the middle of your lashes.Finish your look with a hint of mascara. For an even more dramatic look, pair it up with black eyeliner.

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7. Puppy eye look

This technique will make your eyes look sweeter, rounder and bigger. Using a black pencil eyeliner, line your upper lash line from about mid-eye. As you reach the end of the eye, start extending the line downwards.Finally, form a triangle by lining your outer lower lash line to meet the upper lash liner. Fill in this triangle and touch it up with a liquid eyeliner.

8. Upside down cat eye

This look will highlight your lower lash line rather than your upper lash line. Starting at the inner corner of your eye, line the lower lash line with eyeliner and work your way outwards.Using a liquid liner and an extra thin liner brush, draw a line diagonally starting just outside your inner eyelid. Finally, fill in the gap, and that’s it.




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