7 trendy ways to flaunt the Red Eyeliner

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Red is an addicting color, with the many hues it offers, it’s absolutely gorgeous to wear it on your lips, as a tee, dresses, blouses, and even red footwear. So, after all this red business with so many accessories, let’s use it to flaunt our eyes as well! Red lipstick can be used to make awesome eyeliner effects which are bound to give a fun look to your eyes. Surf down to find some inspiration for you to follow through if you’d like, bring out the fierce red eye-liner game look and leave everyone amazed.

red eyeliner

1. Wing it:

red liner

Flaunt your eyes with bright red with the flawless winged eyeliner technique, keep it hot and blazing. You can either keep it glossy or go matte! It is bound to rain down compliments for you all the way.

2. Try a parallel eyeliner:

red parallel liner


Try some fun twist, you can apply your black eyeliner as you usually do and then just draw a parallel line over it using your red eyeliner. This trendy method will make your eyes pop, defined, and sexy in a ton of ways that will make you stand out!

3. For a colorful bottom lash line:

red lower lashliner
No worries if you want to play it on the safe side, try for a red bottom on your lashline, you can either let it hold or flick it, the choice is yours. But don’t forget to fix it down with a red eyeshadow to avoid any possible creasing.

4. Sport the rainbow eyeliner:

rainbow liner
The trendy rainbow gradient color is just so funky and bold to try out, you can use red as one of the shades. It brings out your creative side and looks cute.

5. Add a zing, sparkle it up:

red liner eye makeup
Apply a coat of your silver, golden or multicolored sparkly eyeliner on the top of that sultry red to rock a club or disco party outing. This little bling is never going to hurt.

You can apply a single coat of your silver, golden, or even multicolored sparkly eyeliner over your sultry red for a disco party or a club outing. This is an experiment which never would fail.

6. Cool it with a white eyeliner:

red and white eye makeup
Make your red eyeliner look even more prominent with a white liner. Apply it to the inner rim of your lower lashes which is bound to make your eyes look wider and opened up!

7.  A Mess of Red:

hot red eyelinerThe simplest and the coolest method is to just swipe that red eyeliner on your top lid for a fun and outgoing beach look. Get it a little experimental and smudge it or you can just let it be to go for a vibrant featuring look.

Do not forget these side notes:

• Remember to prime your lids before you go ahead with any of the looks.
• Cover and color correct those veins on your eyelids to make them look even more popping.
• Set concealer/corrector with a setting powder.
• Set gel red eyeliner with an eyeshadow to make it longer lasting.
• You can experiment with more shapes and styles as per your wish.
• In case you don’t have a red liquid eyeliner, you can use a red liquid lipstick instead!

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